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Open = Zien

Loosely "to be open is to see" - Karin Ramaker photo on Flicker

There is a lot of buzz around the opening up of government data and the general trend to “open” models. Aside from jokes about creative accounting, I am not sure the recent publication of central government’s Combined Online Information System (COINS), with several million financial records, will prove to be the foundation for any creative activity. But opening up maps and ordnance survey information probably will. How? I don’t know, but if you do, or think you do, you might be interested in the Horizon Innovation Day, a free event, at Nottingham University (the Innovation Park at NG7 2TU) on 24 June, 9.00 for 9.30.

The day is more than geographical information, or open government data, valuable as these are. The full agenda is posted on our Community site and features a number of short talks on aspects of the move to a more open approach and service-oriented models. While it may sound “industrial”, innovation is fundamentally a creative endeavour. The day promises to have a number of highlights, depending on your taste, including a talk on Integrating the Real and Virtual Worlds, which at least holds promise for those of us who get confused, at times, as to which one we are in.

As well as speakers from several universities and the Horizon Digital Economy Research organisation at Nottingham, Richard Stirling from will be there. Some scheduled Breakout Sessions are on the agenda, but the day may be worth it for the un-official networking alone. If you in the digital business game, or have ideas, there should be many people to talk to, or listen to. While the event is free, you do need to register online. When you register you have the chance to indicate dietary requirements, which suggests that the free lunch is in the Real, not Virtual world.

This event appeared first on our Community site, always worth a visit. You can post your own event there just by emailing it in – we have guidelines to help you.