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Introducing Sarah Davenport – Our new Guest Blogger

For the next two weeks we will be joined by Sarah Davenport, our latest Guest Blogger, who will be blogging about all the creative things she holds dear!

As the first step to getting to know Sarah we asked her to answer 10 questions about herself:-

1. Who are you ?

I’m Sarah Davenport, Creative Director of my 32 year established family company Sarah Davenport Design where we design and handcraft fine bespoke furniture and interiors; from bespoke Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Home Study’s to Cocktail Bars, Individual Pieces and Rocking Pianos(!) and we have recently entered into collaboration with Architect Dr Valeria Passetti to create commercial and social environments as well. Our showroom and workshops are based 5 minutes drive from Nottingham City Centre just off Ilkeston Road.

2. What brought you to Nottingham?

I was born here, and stayed.

3. What keeps you in Nottingham?

Life and work, the creative buzz, the lovely people, the diversity, the opportunity and the amazing vibe of positivity – its home! There was once a time where I thought I had to travel far and wide to access inspiration, but recently I have found it rife here on my doorstep. Now, I love travelling and working away, but I love to come home too. I did once nearly move to live in a vineyard near Milan, but the pull back to Nottingham was just far too great!

4. What makes you different to other creative people in Nottingham?

The Sarah Davenport recipe: A love of creating fine furniture. the expertise of our team of designers and mastercraftsmen at Davenport – many of whom have been with us for 25 years or more so we really are a family. An addiction to beauty. A dedicated belief in goodness. The most inspiring amazing friends. My wonderful mother who I work alongside. My giant wolfdog Orso who is a type of breed called a Dreamhunter and the Worlds best housemate. Passion. Determination. Living creativity… and I can do the Mexican wave with my eyebrows! I’m very lucky!

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? (future business & creative plans)

Davenport International! Challenging and creative briefs for the team to get their teeth into. Collaborating with friends, family and inspirations and for all to be happy and healthy. To inspire good things through my work. Lots of people choosing and loving what I do. Finishing my book (first draft page 23 so far). Events to be renowned and in demand. A family of Rocking Pianos. Lots more

6. What do you wish you had more time for?


7. What Keeps you Awake at Night?

What doesn’t keep me awake at night!!! A problem to be solved, an idea, a dream, a good book, excitement, anticipation, a headache or Orso howling at the cat next door.

8. What do you think is Nottinghams best kept secret?

Its potential

9. What would you like to see more of in Nottingham?

What is seen as impossible being made possible. More people smiling

10. What Big thing (project or event) are you currently working on?

Quite a few! I’m developing a collection for a hot new London store at the moment, and we are completing some beautiful commissions at Davenport including a bespoke kitchen in a stately home near Nottingham, designed to look as if it has always been there but with all the mod cons (and secret drawers!).

We are working with two of my greatest inspirations; Architect Dr Valeria Passetti on a variety of new projects in the home and also in social and work-spaces, whereby we bring the care and consideration you would expect in your house to new environments – and with Susi Henson of Eternal Spirits to mix fashion with furniture. I’m collaborating with illustrator Charlotte Thomson on both a new story and on some Davenport imaging mixing iconic old with iconic new, and with the Nottingham Trent University on a future factory project for Sustainability.

The next big event is the Designer Resolutions Midsummer Nights Dreams Picnic in the Ballroom of Nottingham Council House on the 24th June so all hands are on deck to set a precedent of inspiring occasions. I’m loving 2010! 🙂