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Guest Blog: The Davenport Dream-Doing Toolkit

Films from the Designer Resolutions event will be published soon. Through a theme of ‘dreams’ and within a relaxed environment of picnic tables, flowers, live music, Nottingham Beer and delicious ice-cream from Coranatos; varied, inspirational and exciting presentations were given. One even concluded with a moving marriage proposal – you’ll have to watch the Resolutions if you want to know who by and to whom!

I thought I would give you my Presentation as a sneak peek whilst we are waiting for the films to be published. I used the text here as a base, so the actual one is quite different. Most images were grabbed from my Mothers archive photo drawer from childhood and a trip to Egypt, and the most recent (with the rubber gloves!) is the result of a shoot last week with Photographer Marcus Holdsworth.

Here goes…. I hope you like it!

Dreams are like fairies. Every time somebody stops believing in them, somewhere in the World a dream dies…

It’s a designers job to make dreams reality. If we can make lives easier and better through what we do, then good; If we can inspire positivity as a result of our work, then great; If we can create something so magnificent that generations after us value it then we can become immortal.

Brought to reality they can change the World, yet dreams are are in essence so difficult to ‘do’ – often a nightmare – that too easily they can become lost dreams. I thought I’d give you my tick-list of the tools I find useful to pack with me on my dream-doing journeys.

The Davenport Dream-Doing Toolkit…

Mind Stretching Hat:
If your mind is inhibited then so are your dreams, and you will be unable to put into place the creativity and flexibility needed to make them happen. Take advice from the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland by believing at least six impossible things before breakfast and wear your mind stretching hat as much as you can.

Sometimes you can feel that you have failed in achieving a dream, not realising that it was just a stepping stone in the process of making another one happen. If you’ve put your heart and soul in to it you can feel as if you’ve been knocked down to the ground. The secret is to grab your bloodymindedness, and stand back up  – and then again, and again, and so on. You’ll develop such solid legs and strong will that you will become increasingly more difficult to knock down.

A Door:
The door of opportunity. You need one to make a dream come true, whether it presents it self to you through chance, somebody makes it for you or you have to build it yourself with your own bare hands. Keep an eye on it, because sometimes it only opens once and then not for very long. When it does, grab your dream and jump straight through it, with no further ado, even if your legs are tired and it’s a long and scary leap.

A Mover-oner:
If you sit with a dream for too long, no matter how focused you are, it will become stagnant and stale. You will probably drive even the most patient of loved ones away by going on about the same thing over again and you will get a bad headache by banging your head against a brick wall.

To keep its freshness and opportunity, a dream needs momentum and you have to keep it pushing forwards, even in the smallest ways. Pack your mover-oner implement and keep it moving on.

Fear Repellent:
The arch enemy and greatest nightmare to a dream is fear. Fear can debilitate and stop a dream coming to life, and because it hates dreams so much, fear will undoubtedly attack you and try to knock you down on your journey to make one happen. If you feel the fear coming close, grab your fear repellent (the best brand is courage!) and spray it away as you would a mosquito.

A Dream Compass:
If you lose direction in a world of dreams you can end up not knowing which way is up or down and you could get lost there forever. In order to bring a dream into reality, you need to know where reality is. Keep a foot in the real world and your dream compass close so it can guide you and your dream safely home.

A Shelf:
Sometimes you can everything right to make a dream happen, but for some reason the door doesn’t open, so you can’t keep it moving and your dream compass tells you that it just isn’t ready yet. You don’t need to give it up. Instead, put it on the shelf and one day you might find you can pluck it seemingly effortlessly from thin air and make it happen.

This is the most important one by far. If you run out of fear repellent they are the fear repellent; if you leave your dream compass at the road of no return, they guide you to find the way; if you forget to stand up again, they make you stand up.

If you take them with you, you do have to share, but that’s great because dreams become all the brighter and more do-able as a result. You can forget to pack anything else, but whatever you do, don’t forget your friends…

Mine are a most precious dream come true!

If you close your eyes and open your mind you can see hundreds of dreams flying around just waiting to be picked, which is surely magical! Through dreams you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do; You can fly, have superpowers…

… perhaps even have your very own Davenport Bespoke Kitchen!!!!!!!!

Don’t kill dreams. If you do, you’ll end up trapped…

If you believe in them, cherish them and live them… the World will be your Oyster