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H.O.U.S.E - Home Optimizing the Use of Solar Energy

Sustainability and green living are becoming ever more key issues, with good reason. Monitoring your energy usage can save businesses a lot of money, as highlighted by our recent guest blogger, Aaron Cottrell of OuterArc. The University of Nottingham’s school of Architecture has also been tuned in to these issues, as evidenced by their recent performance at the Solar Decathalon Europe, in Madrid.

Their Nottingham H.O.U.S.E won second place for sustainability last week. The competition drew seventeen teams from seven different countries, and proved to be quite the attraction, with over 190,000 people viewing the houses over a ten day period. The teams were judged in several different categories, including:

  • sustainability in architecture
  • engineering and construction
  • solar systems and energy payback time
  • electrical energy balance, comfort conditions of the house
  • appliances and functioning
  • industrialisation and market viability
  • communication and social awareness of sustainability

The Nottingham H.O.U.S.E will now return to it’s former home on the University of Nottingham’s campus, where it will inform future students on sustainability and energy efficiency. For more sustainable houses, check out the Solar Decathalon Europe site.