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Guest blog: Nothing to lose…


1977. The year punk was born. A revolution which saw any tom, dick and harry pick up any instrument and play carefree. No fear of being able to read music. No fear of whether they will make a bucket of cash. No fear of being rubbish or what people would think. Just pure artistic expression. Anyone could get involved. When the Sex Pistols played the Boat Club in Nottingham in 1977 they were spreading that message still felt today.  This revolution meant music and expression was to open to anyone that cared. Yes the results were varied yes but its spirit broke bounrdies and still today people form bands in various styles with this gusto.

In design we now have a similar revolution. You need not worry about uber expensive equipment so large it has its own postcode. Hell, everyone of has a camera in their pockets to create photography, and now most of us have access to video cameras in our pockets that only 10 years ago would have been suffice in quality to produce broadcast quality visuals. Say you want to make a music video nowdays.. you don’t need to hire expensive green screen studio’s… last time we needed a green screen (for the Sweetshop video) we got ourselves over to one of Victoria markets many fabric stalls and bought some green fabric for £8.

Large expensive green screen studio...... or £8 piece of fabric off Vicky Market

Did we spend thousands on camera hire? Nope we just used some lo end consumer camera ‘s (hell it even looked more realistic for purpose) that you can get off ebay. Did we have a high end editing suite and high end post production equipment? Nope, an old g4 powerbook (that’s 4 years old) managed it all. This managed to get alot of worldwide press and even got shortlisted to be shown at the British Film Institute. Press play to see this lo-budget music video…

Our first video for Gary Numan shot around Nottingham was using equipment all begged, borrowed and abused but the video still managed to get on MTV and voted into the top 30 industrial videos of all time. When Em Media approached us to produce animations for them (similar to the “Catch me if you can” title sequence) we used only our imaginations and our cheap laptops. Channel 4 come to us for what ideas we bring to the table not because of some jazzy set up. Our studio is no expensive affair either, we are based in the city centre and it costs just £250 a month.  The point being if you want to get out there and do it you can. See our website here.

Like we have said before the technology has allowed anyone to enter the market, we can now be designing a magazine, a video, a website all from the same laptop in the same week. Technology has freed us. Many in the industry see this as a bad thing as thirteen year old kids in their bedroom can price studio’s out of the market but the fact is if your work is good then people will pay good money for it. It’s a level playing field now where the only differentiator between one person to the next is creativity itself.

So if you have ever had that yearning to escape that 9-5 with a bright idea then there’s no longer an excuse and nothing to lose, get out there and get busy. The commodity is no longer editing suites and expensive equipment, the commodity nowadays is your imagination itself. Go pick up your tools with the freedom of the musicians of ’77 and get creative.