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Links Round-Up: 01-02/07/10

Aaron Robinson, displaying at Maximum Expo 2010

It’s Friday already, and what’s more, we’re now well and truly into the second half of the year, spiralling down towards short days and long nights. Cheer up though, there’s plenty going on about the place…


Postgraduates from Nottingham Trent University will be showcasing their work in the upcoming Maximum Expo 2010. The show, running 16th-24th July, will feature work by over 120 Masters students, in disciplines as diverse as fine and decorative arts, fashion, photography, multimedia, graphics, product design and knitwear and textiles.  It should be an especially interesting show this year as exhibitors hail from 18 different countries, so expect some cultural crossover… Free, Bonington Building, 11am-4pm daily (closed Sunday 18th July).

Also coming up are some interesting touring exhibitions. The New Art Exchange in Hyson Green will be featuring Harminder Singh Judge’s The Modes of Al-Ikseer: a spectacle weaving together Hindu myth, 1980’s synth music and live Dhol drumming, and the new Prussian Projekte visual arts space in Sherwood is presenting Ran Huang’s solo show, Fake Action Truth. From the press releases:

Singh Judge takes the Hindu myth ‘The Churning of the Ocean’ and deliberately collides this imagery with his own interests in electro pop and contemporary culture. During the performance he is dressed in traditional Hindu costume, while wearing a neon-lit ring with the legend ‘Pick up the receiver I’ll make you a believer’ glowing in white. The lyrics, borrowed from the seminal Depeche Mode track ‘Personal Jesus’, serve to intensify the mythic remix that defines this work.

Fake Action Truth poses the viewer with various questions, utilising confusion and the ambiguity of repressed sexuality and male relationships in contrast to a current of violence between polar opposites. The blurring of the boundaries between sexuality and violence creates a sense of ethical dislocation, challenging the apparent puzzle of contemporary politics, as an attempt to reframe hostile perception of hostile relationships.

The Modes of Al-Ikseer is exhibiting for one night only, next Thursday 8th July. Free to attend but booking essential here

Fake Action Truth runs for two weeks from today through to the 15th July. Contact the gallery for admission information


Fashion designer Simeon Hartwig has been awarded a Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Travelling Scholarship, in order to head over to America to develop his clothing line, Bantum Clothing. Simeon is a part of NTU’s enterprise unit, The Hive, which has itself been instrumental in developing a surge of new, young creative businesses.


Nottingham’s improvisational comedy group MissImp are back with their live comedy evening at the end of this month, Friday 30th July. In their own words:

Audience participation is a must – all the scenes are based on your clever, daft and unintelligible suggestions, providing a riot of smart-arsed, silly, and occasionally rude moments. Come along, give us ideas and laugh yourself stupid at the results! Bring your own booze – the venue serves a range of non-alcoholic cold drinks and delightful teas.

The show starts at 8pm at the Art Organisation Nottingham, and costs £3 on the door.