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Guest blog: Look up

It’s all too easy nowaday to just powerwalk round town from one poundshop to the next without taking a breath. Next time you’re about just slow your pace and look up. Yes there are some ungodly sights when it comes to architecture and we barely have a Gaudi in the midst BUT we do have the works of Fothergill. He was an esteemed Nottingham Architect in the Victorian times (and rocked a cracking beard to boot). His buildings truly are majestic with an opposing style of both the industrial and fantasy woven seamlessly together. But enough of telling you about them you should go and see them yourself!

..if you want to read more go to

..or the cheeky victorian chappy even has his own facebook page found here

Here’s one to get you started which is located right slap bang in the square, there are many many more though is you look for them…

Fothergill in the square

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