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All about Threerooms – The Designers behind our new Logo

Over the next few weeks you’ll notice a big change at CreativeNottingham, the look and feel of the blog and website will be going up a notch thanks to the creative folks at Threerooms, the winners of our recent Logo Competition. I interviewed Ian Morris, joint director of Threerooms, to see what this company is all about.

We are Threerooms – a graphic design and brand communications agency, full of passion for everything design related… and also very partial to Alissa’s (our account manager) amazing Rocky Road cakes!

Threerooms was founded in 2004 by two directors, Ian and Rachel, who are both Nottingham born and bred (and proud of it) and whose passion was to create a small but perfectly formed ambitious team of designers and account managers to become a leading design and branding agency in the UK.

We have always championed Nottingham as a great place to live and work, so there was never any question about where we would base Threerooms. Our offices, situated in the attic of Strelley Hall in the picturesque surroundings of Strelley Village – where, on your drive into work you have to dodge the odd duck, cow and burly old man, complete with pipe and 5 sheep dogs in tow – really make coming to work even more enjoyable. And we’re only 15 minutes away from Nottingham city centre and the M1 too, so perfectly placed.

Even though some of our clients are as far flung as Philadelphia and Brussels we have never forgotten where we are from and have always aimed to be involved in design and branding projects locally in Nottingham, whether it’s creating the branding and design for the new tram extension bid or working on design and branding for many of Nottingham’s fantastic events, such as Goose Fair, Riverside Festival and the City Pulse music festival. So, when we saw the logo/branding competition for Creative Nottingham, and even though we don’t normally have the time to enter competitions, we just had to get involved.

Put simply, we like nothing more than to create exciting new identities for companies and organisations, then seeing them come to life through on and offline communications is definitely the best bit!

As brand communications is our thing, we like to think we add that little something special to projects – really understanding what the client wants and needs to achieve. It’s that extra attention to detail that adds subtle quality, the ability to think again on an idea to ensure it really is right for the client, and sometimes it’s just the Threerooms magic.

It’s also really important for us to look at the future development and expansion of the business – all the exciting stuff – while still staying very focused on producing exciting work and giving a great service. As anyone running a business will know, it’s a constant balancing act!

We’re also very conscious to try and keep business and life very separate, we all love working really hard in the week but no one is encouraged to stay late after hours so evenings and weekends are kept free. We think this makes for a pretty good recipe for an excellent work/life balance, which is really important for business success.

Without giving too much away, Threerooms aims to continue the growth of the business, developing our service to become the leading provider of branding, brand identity and brand communications in the UK. We plan to keep our base in Nottingham though, of course!

Why Nottingham?

Nottingham is still a thriving hub of business and creativity, and this looks to continue. There is plenty of investment and change in the city with lots of exiting new businesses popping up all the time. Okay, so we have just been through one of the worst economic situations in modern times, which has had a major impact on the country, but Threerooms actually had it’s best ever year and employed two new designers! Throughout Nottingham now though there seems to be a genuine feeling of optimism and effort to look to the future and continue to develop the city and its offering. As before, Nottingham is a great place to live and work, with lots to offer everyone. We are a tourism hotspot too and need to develop more attractions that support this, not shy away from it.

Threerooms’ best kept secrets of Nottingham :-

Nottingham has so many things that the casual visitor could easily miss. Whether physical and architectural or more intangible and emotional, there are so many things to experience in the city. A quick quiz of our team members reveals a few personal favourites as follows:

  • Hockley with some great bars, cafes and restaurants.
  • Broadway cinema for great alternative films.
  • The music scene. We have some quality producers and bands coming out of Nottingham.
  • The shops!
  • Trent Bridge and the Embankment
  • The skyline from Saltwater in the Corner House
  • A lot of good exhibitions and galleries and the recent addition Nottingham Contemporary is a mega bonus.
  • Old market square in the summer, packed with people and children playing in the fountains.
  • The fact that wherever you go in the world people have always heard of Nottingham because of Robin Hood.
  • The trams are great, and better than Sheffield or Manchester too!
  • A sunny/rainy/leafy/snowy walk around Wollaton Park.

Whats next for Threerooms?

That would be telling! While observing client confidentiality, we can say that we have been working on the brand development of a major European technology distributor, the brand identity and re-design for several educational companies, and we have also created and helped roll out the brand identity for one of the Nottingham Tram extension proposals.

One to keep your eye on too is We Are Nottingham, an organisation (funded by Nottingham businesses) that is set up purely to promote and improve the Nottingham Retail and Leisure offering – Like I say, we love working on projects that help to improve our great city. Come on Nottingham!

Creative Nottingham would like to say a huge thank you to Threerooms for their support and their fantastic logo design (above). For more information on Threerooms Design Agency visit their website

You’ll be hearing more from Ian and Rachel when they join us as guest bloggers later this year, from October 18th to the 31st.