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Oh We Do Like to Be Beside the Council-House

If you’ve walked through Nottingham’s Old Market Square in the past week, you may have noticed some activity. That’s right, it’s summertime (allegedly), which means the Nottingham Riviera is back! So if you’re looking to entertain some young’uns in the summer holidays, you could do worse than heading down and sampling the deckchairs, fairground rides and ‘traditional seaside goods’…

If you’re after more creative ventures, there is certainly plenty coming up:

• Connect Midlands wants you to grow your business. If you have an idea that has the potential to grow significantly, there could be funding available – not from any one agency, but from a series of investment opportunities. They are running a free seminar to highlight these opportunities – from angel investors to debt financing. For more information see the press release or contact Connect Midlands, tel 01509 228 700

• Whilst we’re on the topic of investment, it seems a new organisation has been created to try and attract investors to our city. The Invest in Nottingham Club may sound rather exclusive, and in fact does contain some of the biggest-of-wigs, but their goal – encouraging investment in Nottingham by networking with customers, clients and other grandi parrucche – is one that could ultimately benefit us all.

• On the arts front, there is a post on our Creative Nottingham Community site from the grandly named ‘Nottingham Arts & Community Cohesion Forum’. They are looking to map arts projects across the city that engage with local communities. Seven projects of varying sizes will be picked for case studies that will then inform future art organisations looking to accomplish similar goals. Have a look at the information over on our community site, and if your project fits the bill, there is an email address on the bottom of the document where you can return your response.

• Lastly, to tie in with the truly excellent Diane Arbus exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary, designer Brendan Oliver has launched the world’s biggest photo booth, from which you can see your face 25ft tall – a truly terrifying thought! See the BBC’s coverage here. The photo booth is open until Sunday 5th September, and you can also keep track of the action on Brendan’s blog.