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Tech on Trial: Tuttle Returns to Nottingham

Tuttle as in the Tuttle Club, named for the man from Terry Gilliam’s epic, Brazil:

Confused? Of course you are, it’s a Terry Gilliam film! To lift the fog of uncertainty, here’s a quote from the Tuttle Club themselves:

What is Tuttle? Tuttle started in London but there are now over 20 Tuttles in the UK and abroad. It is a loose association of people finding a way of working better together both online and off. A way of making real, informal face-to-face contact with others who use social media.

The Tuttle Club Nottingham is a social media morning where the presenter displays a particular technology, service, product or tool, and the attendees put it on trial. July’s Tuttle, which is tomorrow, Friday 30th, is to be the first fully-fledged Tuttle Club. That means at least three existing articles used to present the item in question, followed by discussion – but no wifi, no internet! These events are about ‘talking to the room and amplifying later‘…

July’s theme will be the Digital Economy Act on Trial. The speaker will be Peter Aldred from law firm Berryman, and four articles have been selected to give the event context. The articles can be found below, and make for interesting reading. For those who haven’t heard of the Digital Economy Act, it’s a highly controversial piece of legislation passed into law at the very end of the previous administration, and it has the potential to affect every single person in Britain who has some kind of access to the internet. Should be a thoroughly engaging morning, so if you can make it down there, let us know on Twitter!

This month’s articles

* Joystiq, ‘ESA estimates ‘over 9.78 million’ pirated game downloads in December’, available at

* Cory Doctorow in the Guardian, ‘Digital Economy Act: This means war’, available at

* Rory Cellan-Jones on the BBC website, ‘File-sharers: Expect a mountain of mail’, available at

* Nat Anderson on, ‘Thomas verdict: willful infringement, $1.92 million penalty’ available at

Friday 30th July, 9.30 – 11.30am at The Galleries of Justice Museum’s cafe.