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A summer Scribal cocktail

Writers. They shout, they declaim, they exclaim.  But mostly in the peace and quiet of the written word. Tomorrow however, you can hear writers and poets express themselves in the flesh (not as rude as it sounds).  If you like words or you just like watching other people throw them about with abandon, put down your quill and take a look at this. Scribal Gathering will mix up literature, poetry, performance and music into a delicious cocktail that’s perfect for a relaxing summer evening. Taking place tomorrow, the verbal (ad)venture is brought to you by the Cafébar Contemporary in association with LeftLion (with sponsorship from Writing East Midlands). They’re hoping it will be the first of many bi monthly events.  

“Think of this as a kind of literary variety show, with a wide variety of acts relating to the written word and a band and free books thrown in for good measures.” (LeftLion)

Sit and relax or take a more active role with an open mic spot and poetry bingo with literary prizes!  What’s not to like? Full programme details are available on our Community site.