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Links round-up: Look again

Image of Nottingham’s Trent Bridge by Views of Nottingham

  • See what it’s like on the other side: Living with Illegals film Screening 4th August, 7pm

What’s it like to experience life as an illegal immigrant? This screening and discussion event at the New Art Exchange explores the realities.  

  • See into the future 1 – GameCityNights#6 round-up

The plural of TARDIS is TARDISs. Just in case you ever need to discuss your fleet of time machines with a fellow time lord…This fascinating fact and others are revealed in a handy round up of the recent GameCityNights event.

  • See into the future 2 – NottinghamTuttle round-up

Nottingham Tuttle Club wanted to put technology on trial. What happened next? Find out here.

  • See into the future 3 – Nottingham film at risk

Nottingham has an impressive history of contributing to the UK film industry. But the end of the UK Film Council could put this at risk. Find out more about the movement to protest the cuts here.

  • 200,000 and counting at the Contemporary

It had a somewhat controversial start in life, but it seems to have made plenty of friends.  Congrats to the Nottingham Contemporary. Last Tuesday, just eight months after opening, the gallery welcomes its 200,000th visitor, four months ahead of schedule!