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Links Round-up: Ideas and Skills

copy of Rodin's statue The Thinker, outside the Rodin museum

The Thinker, outside the Rodin Museum - photo by Paul Floyd on Flicker


On Thursday, 19 August, while others are planning a trip to the Nottingham Riviera, you can steal some competitive advantage and have a free breakfast and learn about Strategic Thinking & New Business Ideas at the University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park. This is the first of four events with some heavyweight speakers in the Ingenuity Programme.  You need to register online and be there for 8am (or 7.30 for the breakfast).


The Sector Skills Council for Creative Media is keen to learn about your creative skills so they can plan training programmes.  If you want to help them out, or learn more about this and their work, have a look at the article on their website.  You have until 28 September to respond.

Using the skills you do have, you could enter the Open Exhibition at the Crocus Gallery in Lenton (and enjoy some rather fine food at the Cafe next door when you take your entry along).  You have until 8 September to deliver your entry. First prize is a solo exhibition in Leicester, although I appreciate that this sounds like second prize to some readers of this blog.