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Sculpture in the Street

four walking workers at the top of Angel Row

four walking workers at the top of Angel Row

For those of us who won’t be going to Bondi for the annual Sculpture by the Sea (this year it takes place from 28 October to 14 November if you are going), it is possible to put together a Nottingham alternative.

Start with your back to Nottingham’s Riviera, aka the Market Square, proceed up Angel Row, casting an eye, if you are so inclined, at our recent statue in honour of the great and good Mr Clough.  At the top of Angel Row is my personal favourite of all the sculptures, the four people walking.  This used to be at the corner of the Market Square but had to give way for the tram and the re-modeling for the fountain.  It never fails to make me feel better, whether going to work or leaving work.

Sky Mirror outside the PlayhouseCarrying on a bit further leads to the Sky Mirror outside the Playhouse, shown here using a photo from Tom Courtney under the creative commons license. 

Hop on a 36 bus and in the centre of Beeston is the homonymic hive.beehive sculpture

Back to Nottingham again and this time hop on a 44/45 bus and out to Sneinton.  At the back of the old Boots site is the Dragon.  Metal sculpture of dragonThere are many photos , including this one, and more background information on the website of the local sculptor, Robert Stubley.

If you carry on across the bridge, a large Heron greets you at the edge of Lady Bay (what is it with Nottingham and animals?). 

Heading back to the city centre, it is worth diverting through the Lace Market to look at the metal tree and the cascades down the  building walls in the new Lace Market Square.

Tiring work this, as I mentioned to the bloke sharing my bench in Beeston.  He didn’t say much, but I am sure he agreed that we have some interesting sculpture in our on bench