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Links Round-up: Competitions and Commissions


Castle at Light Night 2010

Castle at Light Night 2010 by 1st Galaxy who organised these lights

It is all competitions and commissions this time:

Light Night Commission

The Light Night events have become a feature of Nottingham. If you missed the last one, you can relive it via our photographic record.  The next one will be on 18 February next year, and the City Council want to commission some special artworks.  They say:

We are looking for engaging artworks in any form. The Nottingham Light Night event, now in it’s 4th year, is a special night of performances, parades, installations, projections, tours, talks and special offers that transform the city centre into a great night out for young and old.

The commission fees range from £250 to £2,000, and they want East Midlands based artists. Details are here, unfortunately without the closing date.

Young Film Fund

If the Guest Blogs by Steve Best this week have made you think “I could make a film”, and you are younger than me (by a lot, 19 is the maximum age), then the second wave of funding from the Young Film Fund might be just made for you.  The second wave of funding has just opened, the closing date is 5 October.

Pure Creativity

As a reader of this blog and a member of the Creative Nottingham community, you probably have an unfair advantage: Notts Wildlife Trust are running a competition to suggest names for the new beers to be brewed each month in 2011.  They have to be named after Nottinghamshire wildlife and already over 100 names have been used.  If you want to make any suggestions, please email them to There are a few rules which are explained on the Wildlife Trust website, along with the list of prizes (no prizes for guessing the main component).  And if you are young enough to be applying for the Young Film fund, you can still enter this one, but the prize is different.