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Guest Blog: An expanding little world

Well I guess this is my last piece as ‘Guest Blogger’ on Creative Nottingham, but I hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into my little world. Of course, when I say ‘little world’, it’s a world that’s constantly expanding with new opportunities opening up every day, not only in film, but also in the computer games industry.

I thought I’d finish off by letting you know where we are with the feature film, Zombie Hood. We’re continuing to have regular production meetings at ‘Fellows Morton and Clayton’ on Canal Street as it’s easier to think and produce something creative when I’ve got a beer waiting downstairs for me. As I’ve previously mentioned, we now have the crew in place, drawing from local talent, some of it raw and some it experienced. What everyone possesses though is enthusiasm, tons of it, to the point where they just want to go out and film right now! Auditions for the lead and support roles will be taking place in September at the ‘Art Organisation’ on Station Street, after we decided on the final 29 hopefuls, all chosen from people living in the East Midlands.

Of course we’re not just making a film; as the production team are currently working out how to turn Nottingham into the zombie capital of the world, if only for a single day. This will involve a zombie walk, make-up, music and various other events, all happening in Nottingham over a single day. Plans are still be finalised and a date has yet to be announced, but we’re all looking forward to getting our zombie on and turning Nottingham city centre into an undead hoard of colour and excitement, with a few brains and entrails thrown in for good measure!

So when can you expect to see Zombie Hood hitting the big screen? I’ve absolutely no idea! Filming is going to take about a year and post production another 6 months or so. What you may see though, are zombies walking around the streets of Nottingham, very early on a Sunday morning, with a very tired film crew in tow, all yawning their heads off because they’ve had to get up a half hour before they’ve gone to bed.

Well, thanks for reading my ramblings and if you want to keep up with all the latest Zombie Hood news, visit

A huge thank you to Steve for being our Guest Blogger for the past two weeks!

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