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Back to (Business) School

As another truly mediocre summer draws to a close, thoughts turn once again to the resumption of schooling for our young’uns. Whether it be school or university, there are uniforms to buy, books to acquire, gadgets to appease them with – it’s a never-ending cycle for sure…

As a business owner, of course you’ve been finished with school for years now – but Business Link East Midlands would actually quite like to get you back in the classroom:

..why not take the opportunity to face your own new challenges and identify some business areas for improvement or development. When you are very busy running a business day-to-day, it can be difficult to look to the future, but those that do are often the businesses that plan for growth, respond to change and become more efficient…
Wise words? Certainly, in the current climate no business can afford to depend too much on the status-quo; there are just too many changeable factors, from the volatility of the economy through to the take-up of new and exciting methods of communication and marketing. Says Bob Bhabra, Nottinghamshire Area Manager with Business Link,
Business Link can help you revisit your existing business plans and check whether they are still relevant. We provide an authoritative, impartial and objective view of the current marketplace. For any business to continue to offer a high quality service, it is essential that they remain competitive, take steps to review the health of their business and identify opportunities for future growth.
Business Link provide free advice on a range of business issues, including:
• planning and strategy
• innovation
• access to finance
• exporting
• capital investment
• an analysis of the new skills required to drive growth, including support through the Train to Gain Leadership and Management programme
• how to access the full range of government and private sector support that may be available to help implement the plan.
Skool rulez ok? For more information, check out the websitecontact Business Link by email or phone 0845 058 6644