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Guest Blog – It's late, but I still want to start now

Well hello everyone, this is an entirely delightful enterprise.

I thought I’d spend my first evening giving you guys some idea of the kind of jabber likely to emerge over the next fortnight. Hopefully you’ve read the 10 questions thing, if not then all of this will be a wonderful surprise.

Do I need some kind of summary of stuff I do again? Maybe… well for laziness I sake I’ve uploaded the interview I did on BBC Radio Nottingham a couple of weeks ago with the very charming Amanda Bowman on her mini-Desert Island Discs show. I’m sure she won’t mind me complaining about not being allowed to have either Massive Attack, Faithless or The Prodigy played on air. (Slight sulk.)


(well, I talk, but I’m a Leo so I can do that too)

However I did get Flash’s Theme by Queen (from the awesome camp-fest shiny gimps in space-a-thon that is Flash Gordon). This is a strange Flash Gordon fan-site, which is actually about the far-superior action series from aaaaaages ago; but I assume you’ve seen the ’80s movie (if not, you must seek it out now. I have it on DVD and will lend circumspectly).

Ah, I’m drifting way off topic already.


So – back to the stuff.

I will tell you about all manner of coolness, first and foremost being MissImp, the ONLY live improvised comedy show in Nottingham. Now, you may have seen things like Whose Line Is It Anyway? back in the good old days – a fantastic show full of British and American improv kings. Very inspiring stuff.

Well, we do that sort of thing, but here, and on stage (with none of that editing an hour long show down to 25 minutes). We do a two hour wholly improvised show on the last Friday of every month at the Art Organisation on Station Street. It’s pretty damn awesome, I can tell you. And you can trust me. I’m doing a guest blog.

The best bit is, the next show is this Friday, 27th August: The Day After Improv – so you get to read about the preparation for the show, (“But it’s supposed to be improvised!” you cry (nice audience participation there) and I will explain that in due course), the show itself (smart dude would come and see the show to get a full appreciation of the context of this here blog – it’s a pittance at £3 and bring your own drinks), and beyond into how it all works and what we else do. Plus we’ve got some massively exciting news which I have to share, otherwise my brain will, like explode. (That was me being all valley girl and totally – it’s improv, we do some acting.)

You can get a preview of the improv carnage action on YouTube:

I’ll also be blasting holes in ye hull with me pirate words. I write short stories as Captain Ignatius Pigheart, which generous people have compared to other stories which they found humorous. Less generous people have died. You can make up your own mind. I’ll be rambling about the writing process (I guess) next week, when I’m not doing mainly improv stuff.

Then I should do some further stuff about the upcoming Nottingham Comedy Festival (24th Sept – 4th Oct), otherwise the director will skin me alive, and rightly so – MissImp folk are in at least four of the shows and there’s all manner of comedy goodness available.

What else? As you may have gathered so far, I have a tendency to digress, which is a useful thing in some aspects of life – I just haven’t found them yet. I may talk about my other half, and my cat.

I hope you enjoy it – please get in touch either way and we can discuss it amicably, like childish adults.

Talk to you soon.

” More background about our guest blogger,  Nick Tyler. Fancy guest blogging for Creative Nottingham? Here’s how. “