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Releasing your Inner Gamer

Computer games are fun, there’s no denying it. You’ve definitely played one, even if it’s only Solitaire, or Farmville, or Snake (anyone else miss the classic Nokia phones? Ah, the 3310…) They have also blossomed into one of the UK’s highest grossing creative industries, which means that they’re kind of a big deal nowadays… So what can you do to learn more about and get involved with the scene?

Well, thankfully as a Nottingham person (Nottinghamite? Nottinghamian? Nottinghamer?) you have a bevy of wonderful options at your disposal.

For a teeny insight into the life of the worker in this creative industry, look no further than the pages on which you find yourself now. Steve Best is community developer with the Lace Market based company, Monumental Games. He was also our guest blogger for a couple of weeks this August, so check out his insights into the business and what makes him tick.

Next up, you might be wondering where you can go to drink, eat and get serious with the business of gaming. Luckily, the UK’s premier videogames festival is held every October in our fair city, bringing together luminaries from across the globe. What’s more, Iain Simons and his Gamecity team are holding an event tonight, as in this evening, Friday 27th August, 7.30pm, in which they want your participation and feedback to shape the direction of this year’s Gamecity Festival. Titled the G5 Summit, it is being held in Antenna, and entry is just £3.

Finally, what about an event to get over the magnitude of the G5 Summit? You may have heard of Jon Burgerman. He’s an illustrator par excellence and a Nottingham local hero. He has also started a little electro-pop side project with fellow illustrator and musician, Jim Avignon. To launch Anxieteam’s double A-side 7″, they’ll be having a little gig/party down at Cafe.Bar.Contemporary on Saturday evening. It’s free, and to further whet your appetite, here in the band’s own words is a description of their music:

Let’s Eat Soya is their ridiculously infectious, anthemic dance declaration of smutty love in a meat-free-world.  You’ll be humming it for weeks, seriously. Altogether now: “I’m a veggie, you’re a vegan, let’s eat Soya…”

On Lonely In The Digital World, Burgerman dryly takes you on a fantastical journey through a computer game world — zapping zombies with vampire fangs, leaping through rings, re-killing the undead, riding dinosaurs and solving the mystery of the abandoned town.  Then Avignon pitches in with a curiously uplifting but sweetly melancholic chorus. All set to a joyful, bouncing backdrop of rousing electronica.

If that doesn’t sound exciting, then I don’t know what does… Pew! Pew! Pew! Now to get back to my game…