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Guest Blog: Day Last

And so I come to the end of my guest blogging fortnight. It’s been very cool and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Maybe if I’m good I’ll be able to come back and pester you all again. Sorry I haven’t blogged as much this week, it’s been kinda busy and there’s always a temporal vortex around bank holidays where far less time occurs than is described on a calendar. Cursed relativity.

So much to do, so variable an amount of time

Why so busy? Well, if you recall this week was a Pigheart week – Cap’n Ignatius Pigheart that is, noble master of the Good Ship Lollipop (and another ship less easily mentioned in polite bloggitude). I’ve achieved roughly half of my aims. And that ain’t bad as I can see now I was rather over-ambitious.

The First Task of Nick

New website with a proper domain name – accomplished. New content will follow, but for now all the stories are there and are accessible. You can also go through the Crewmates menu and choose stories by the characters who are in them, for example First Mate Billy No Mates, Monty McBuboe, Captain Aaaarsbeard, Hamish McMuffin and so on… Soon I’ll be adding some kind of representative picture for each of them, and add artwork for the stories. It’s gonna be cool and very piratey. I’ve now got to contact anyone with a link to the old website and change everything over. Sigh, but GAAAAARGH!!

The Second (more time-consuming) Task of Nick

Edit a new story and publish it. Fail. Yarr. I have been doodling over the new story – a revisit to the charming mermaid lady Ignatius met in my first ever tale. So the second draft is halfway there. To give you some idea of the re-writing process I go through, here’s the first version of the story’s beginning:

1st (frantically scribbled on a train) draft:

I peered out through the crab’s eyeholes and made to scuttle a bit behind some kelp. Twas not awful graceful, for me limbs did ill-fit in the recently vacated crabshell. I scuttled as if half-paralysed and blind. The reason for me caution burst into the chamber, flicking his fishtail agitatedly.

2nd (initial type-up) draft:

I peered out through the crab’s eyeholes and made ready to shuffle a bit behind some kelp. Twas not awfully graceful, for me own limbs were an ill-fit into the recently vacated crab shell; I scuttled as if recently scuttled. The reason for me caution had just burst into the chamber in a rush of bubbles, thrashing his fish tail behind him.

3rd (lots of pink corrective ink) draft:

The view from the crab’s peeper pocket was narrow, but directed at the Queen’s bosomy bounty. I were content. Nonetheless I attempted to compromise me obscuration with better oversight. Twas tricky, for me own limbs were ill-wedged into the recently-vacated crab shell; I scuttled as if scuttled. The cause of my cuckoldish caution burst into the chamber in a rush of bubbles, thrashing his muscular tail behind him.

Follow the link to download the story!

I’ll need a couple more revisions – they’ll come to me when I’m trying to sleep or in the shower, y’know, convenient times. Hopefully you can see it improving! I still find it best to just hammer the damned thing out before the muse escapes; you can always abduct her again later. That’s a story in progress, and I might actually get some time on it this weekend.

The Third Most Audible Task of Nick

The awesome super-cool thing which I have achieved this week is to finally publish a story, in audiobook form on! The captain and I are delighted. I’ll be uploading two more stories this weekend which will then also be on sale around the middle of next week. The way the site works is that over the next 5 weeks the Mermaid Adventure will be distributed across their partner network which includes iTunes, Amazon and Napster.

Hopefully lots of people will buy the single and share it with their friends. Exciting! I also enjoyed creating the cover artwork and all the other details I hadn’t previously considered. It feels like a great new opportunity and I’m going to be pursuing it with vigour and piracy.

MissImp Round Up

While I had hoped to do more piratical print-work this week, once again MissImp has overtaken everything. It is a very exciting time – not only are our end of the month shows at The Art Organisation (Hopkinson Gallery) attracting a splendid following of splendid people, but we’re about to start our new show at The Glee Club, MissImp in Action.

We’re developing a training programme of workshops to build improv skills for current and future members alongside shipping amazing professional talent in from the States to heighten our performances. In short, it’s getting kinda serious for improvised comedy!

The Nottingham Comedy Festival kicks off in just two weeks, which we’re headlining and oh crap! I still haven’t started learning any of my lines for Naked Ant Wrestling, the Microwaving Ants sketch show in the festival. There’s loads of wicked comedy on, and you should definitely check it out – Nottingham deserves a comedy festival and these guys are laying it on well.  I think I jabbered about some more of the events the MissImp crew are involved in last week – click here for a bit more of that.

Thanks guys, you’ve been awesome – hope to see you at some of the very many events I’m involved in, and I hope you enjoy my pirate stories. If you’d like to get in touch with me directly for any reason, feel free to email.

Now look, if you’ve enjoyed reading this guest blog and would be interested in having a crack at some of these things, here are some opportunities:

Participate & Play:

Saturday 11th September – Super-Short ‘taster’ improvised comedy workshop – FREE – at The Art Organisation on Station Street. It’s going to be about an hour of fun. We think it starts at 3pm. Click here for updates on the times as we get them.

Monday 13th September – Pub Poetry Nottingham – FREE – at The Canalhouse on Canal Street. Comic verse – bring your own, someone else’s or just your ears. More information here.

Saturday 25th September – Introduction to Improvised Comedy workshop – £8 (£6 in advance) – at The Art Organisation on Station Street, 2-5pm. More fun than you can shake a pointy stick at – learn to make your enemies laugh and then stab them with the stick.


Friday 10th September – The Glee Club ‘soft opening’ night – £5 in a great new venue for stand-up comedy, a MissImp preview, free food and cheap booze.

Saturday 18th September – Improv in the Dales – £5 – Red Lion Hotel, Wirksworth. We play the Wirksworth Festival – woo, big time!

Friday 24th September – ImproCop: The Future of Live Comedy – £3 – The Art Organisation, Station Street. Our monthly show and the start of the Nottingham Comedy Festival.

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