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Things to Make and Do

We’ve written about Nottinghack before here on Creative Nottingham, and I’m very pleased to see that the open hacking group seems to be going from strength to strength. Nottinghack’s focus is on anything constructive – technological or craft, though there’s a definite ‘geeky’ slant to activities. As such, there are a couple of quite different events coming up that you may want to get involved with.

Nottinghack have grown into a dedicated workspace over the few months they’ve been running. From humble beginnings in the function room above the Navigation on Wilford Street, they now have their own workshop next to Nottingham Station – check out the introductory video here. It certainly looks like a great space, and this week, it will play host to Men of Steel, Balls of Wool, surely the best name for a knitting event ever committed to screen. That’s tomorrow night, Wednesday 22nd September, £3 entry.

Alternatively, if wool’s really not your bag(/jumper/hat) then how about a full day of Arduino tutorials? Sunday 3rd October is the date, and £40 the price. Don’t be discouraged by that cost – it includes your own Arduino kit to take home, from which you could create… well, nearly anything, it seems! Designed as an introductory session for Arduino beginners, the event will lead you through microprocessors in general before looking at what you can reasonably expect to achieve with just a laptop, an Arduino and a few electronic parts. Places are limited, so check out the event page and reserve your place!