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Links Round-Up: Funny Friday

First off, thanks to our commenter David, who yesterday rightly reminded me that I missed the Nottingham Comedy Festival in my festival round-up! I hang my head in shame… It starts TODAY, Friday 24th September, and runs right through to Monday 4th October. There are plenty of venues, and plenty of quality acts to see – check out the website for the official flyer (PDF link).

In addition, later in October Nottingham sees the British Art Show 7 hosted in three venues – Nottingham Contemporary, the New Art Exchange, and the Nottingham Castle Museum, so if you’re looking for some heavy hitting names, those are the places to hang around. If, on the other hand, you’re after the next big names (or perhaps you prefer supporting more local endeavours) then Sideshow, running from late October through until December, is the one for you. Look out for more information on these very pages…

Looking closer to the present, if you find you often need a pick-me-up at the start of the week, get down to Antenna on Monday evening. No info on the website but it’s up on our Community site here. They’re hosting a wine tasting event from 6pm, FREE for members and just £2 for non-members. Wine+free=WINNER in my book… From the official info:

…experts from world-renowned wine merchant Hallgarten Druit will be on hand to lead you through a fabulous variety of must-try wines.

Hallgarten Druit is one of the UK’s leading wine specialists with over 70 years’ experience so you’ll be able to learn from the best and find out how to choose the perfect wine for every occasion – including Christmas of course!
As well as being able to taste a great selection of wines, served with a variety of snacks and cheeses, you’ll also be given free tasting notes, including ideas for matching food and wine.
Happy days. Also coming up next week is the Nottingham Craft Mafia RELAUNCH! 7pm in the Malt Cross is the time and place to be if you want to get involved with those crafty mafiosas – and going on the calibre of past work, you do. In related good news, their shop will now be open six days a week (M-S), 11:30-18:30.  It’s always dangerous stepping in their shop – various purchases hanging on my walls can attest to that!
Some other great news that dropped into the Creative Nottingham inbox – Sarah Davenport, formerly of Davenport Interiors, is to be opening a shop in the Flying Horse Walk, supporting and showcasing the best in design and quality. In her own words:
The ‘Davenport Shop of Originality’ will be a distribution point for those we believe in. Situated in the magical Flying Horse Walk in Nottingham, it will retail highest quality produce locally and nationally designed and made as well as eventually some key pieces from places such as the Netherlands and Milan. We will also be providing bespoke solutions for domestic and commercial projects and putting talented teams together to deliver beautiful results. By taking the best of our past and merging it with the opportunity of the future we can be both a fresh, innovative and inventive ‘youthful’ company reacting to change and a ‘mature’ time-honoured company with heritage, expertise, experience and sophistication. The result will be a unique, inspiring environment for the city full of lovely things you just have to have!
Sarah has long been on the forefront of social media and innovation, so it’s good to see the brand continuing even through very challenging economic situations…