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An offer you can’t refuse!

We mentioned this briefly a couple of weeks ago but in case you missed it, Nottingham Craft Mafia relaunch their shop tonight, at 7pm.

Not as scary as they sound, the Craft Mafia is an international family of crafty businesses who help establish a network of like-minded crafters, promote their work and give them the support they need to transform their skills from that dreaded word, a hobby, into a viable business.

The Nottingham Craft Mafia’s shop is a goldmine of lovingly-made wares by some of the city’s most talented crafters. Working in conjunction with the newly refurbished Hopkinson’s Gallery, which opened last week, it now means that Nottingham shoppers now have two city centre shops in which to buy unique well made goods. Excellent news for shoppers and crafty businesses alike and, just in time for that other dreaded word, Christmas!

The launch event gives you the chance to chat to existing members and join the Mafia yourself as well as have a good look at all their lovely stuff. And if that wasn’t incentive enough, there’ll be cakes and bubbly.

The relaunch starts at 7pm, at the Malt Cross. The shop itself is right next door to the Malt Cross, St James St, through that secret door in the corner. For all other details, here’s the all-important website link.