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Guest Blog – Everyone’s heard of Robin!

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I’m going to start my blogging week off with something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I wanted to know what the rest of you thought.
My question: Are we making the most of our city and of the legend of Robin Hood?

I’ve recently come back from Las Vegas. I went with a friend from Sheffield and when asked where in the UK we were from no one had heard of Sheffield but EVERYBODY had heard of Nottingham because of you-know-who, Mr Robin Hood. Some Americans were amazed it was actually a real place and were even more amazed that there actually was a Sherwood Forest and a Sheriff of Nottingham.

In fact, wherever I’ve been in the world, I have never had a problem explaining where I’m from because everyone has heard of Nottingham, due to Robin Hood. Apart from the obvious, London, I can’t think of anywhere else in the UK that has this sort of legendary recognition, perhaps Stratford from Shakespeare fame? (Let me know if you have any suggestions.)

So when tourists visit Nottingham, after seeing the legend in films, such as Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and the latest film starring Russell Crowe, what do they think?

I know the City Council are looking into the possibility of building some kind of Robin Hood experience, as per their recent trip to the US to explore the idea.

Investing in Robin Hood and the city will help increase International tourism, and therefore increase the flow of money into the city. Could we ask individual businesses to invest as a collective interest through sponsorship etc?

We should definitely make more of The Castle. Warwick Castle have created a really successful tourist attraction. They have a better castle perhaps, but they also have daily re-enactments, falconry displays, archery displays, a Trebuchet, to name only a few. Of course we have the Robin Hood Pageant though.

At Threerooms we love Notts, are really proud to be based here, and would do anything to promote it… so what other ideas could we come up with to promote our fantastic city?
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