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Light in the sky – Art in the city

The National press has already begun to cover the British Art Show 7, “In the Days of the Comet”, which opens on Saturday, 23 October.  Rarer than the Olympics or the World Cup, it only happens every five years.  For the first time ever, it starts in Nottingham before departing in January for the lesser cities of London, Glasgow and Plymouth.  Split into three parts, you will have to visit the corners of our own Nottingham Arts Triangle to see it all: Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham Castle Art Gallery, and the New Art Exchange.

As well as our local websites, the show itself has a website, giving different views and information about the range of works which cover painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, video, film and performance.

At each of the three venues (but mostly at Nottingham Contemporary) as well as the art itself, there is a programme of talks and other events.   As well as the special talks and topics, the Nottingham Contemporary run a series of weekly walkthroughs with curators – it is like having your own, expert, tour: personal, knowledgeable, and, free!  And you don’t even need tickets for these – see their website for further details.

Note that entry to Nottingham Contemporary and the New Art Exchange is free.  And, if you go to those first, get the special leaflet and get it stamped, you can have free access to the Castle and thus to the Castle Art Museum.  [Of course if you are a city resident with a city library card you can get in free to the Castle anyway, Tuesday to Friday.]

And, there is more!  There is a parallel, local, art extravaganza: Sideshow:

a series of citywide contemporary art, music, and performance events & exhibitions driven by Nottingham based artists and curators.

This post is not long enough to list all the events and exhibitions for Sideshow, you will have to indulge your inner art planner on their website.  It is not a competition, but it looks like a score draw: top contemporary British art and local Nottingham art, we are all winners.