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Links Round-up: Games with and without Toys

Photo by Olaf Gradin (and, no, it is not a younger me)

MyGo – A Toyshop of Digital Art” – six new media artists take over an empty shop in the Broadmarsh shopping centre from Thursday 22 October until 6 November.  It is at the “top end”, Drury Walk.  The organisers, Engagement Party say

Presented as a toyshop, *MyGo* is a refreshing art experience which uses sound, moving image and new media technologies to create a cabinet of digital curiosities which people can interact, engage and play with.

but obviously all readers of this blog will be going along for the digital art experience and not because they want to play with toys.  That means, especially those of us old enough to remember the iconic arcade game Pong, we won’t be paying any attention to Thomas Sweeney’s “Ping (But) Pong”, a physical re-interpretion of the 70s’ classic Pong game.

Looking again at Pong will make old people nostalgic and may make young people sarcastic.  But any visitor to the GameCity festival will be amazed at how far we have come.  GameCity5, which modestly describes itself as “the World’s best-loved independent videogame festival”, runs from 26 to 30 October in Nottingham.  Like the Sideshow Art Festival described in Wednesday’s blog post, there are so many things happening in GameCity5 that only your own visit to their website can do them justice.  And keep re-visiting, or follow them on twitter: @GameCity, to keep up as events are confirmed or added.

But if the vision of Pong above has reminded you of a well-spent youth, there is one particular event in GameCity5 of special interest: Urban Pac-Man.   They say:

To celebrate his 30th Anniversary, we’re creating a huge game of Pac-Man played on the streets, alleyways, and public spaces of Nottingham City Centre

Saturday, 10.30 to 1.30, from Broadway.  Dream on!  Game on!