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Guest Blog – Looking to the future

Following on from my blog about how the rest of the world see Nottingham, i.e famous for the legend Robin Hood, I thought I’d look closer to home. If the international viewpoint is overall very positive then how do the UK see us?

I’ve lived in Nottingham all my life, for the last year of that in the city centre, and I love it! I love the nights out, the restaurants, bars, and not many cities can top it for shopping, culture, creativity etc. Yes, it has it’s problems but so does every city, surely?

Nowadays successful businesses and talented young people can base themselves anywhere, no longer having hometown loyalties. As a city we want to keep our home-grown superstars as well as attracting others from outside of the city too. Maybe we need to see the other UK cities as competitors (like any business would) and define what is unique and special about us as a city.

Why not see it as a re-branding challenge that falls to us all? Promote what’s great about Nottingham, a city that Nottingham residents are proud of, love living in and enjoy being part of.

Have a quick look into how other cities brand themselves (albeit only the web homepages):
Here’s our tourism focussed site:

Other cities:

How do you think we stand up against our competitors? Does this represent Nottingham correctly as a tourist destination, educational centre, retail hub, place to live?

Just like when branding a business, a city’s essence is found by understanding what it has to offer, what’s unique about it and what it’s aspirations are. Nottingham has massive potential and we need to promote this!

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