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Guest Blog by Skinder Hundal – You forget about time but reminded by time all the time

Just a quick blog today from me, I’ve been in the midst of change on the home front with an epic DIY session, finishing 3am this morning and been busy all weekend… ran out of time in fact!

Any way check out the link it’s a 3 minute feature, on an artwork at New Art Exchange, on BBC News at Ten, 4 November 2010.

Christian Marclay’s The Clock, courtesy of White Cube is at New Art Exchange as part of the British Art Show 7 (BAS7) brilliantly curated by Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Morton.  It hit the news at ten with a 3 minute feature with a big-up to Nottingham (1 minute 45 seconds in!). How often do you see art and culture get such a feature on the main news and from Nottingham? Rare I know.

There are certain pieces of work that must be seen. The Clock is one of them.  It is an art project which has taken over two years to produce.  Galleries across the world are queuing up to have it, after a successful 24hour screening launch at the White Cube and BAS7 launch.  Even the build for the space seemed like an epic task.  The ‘techy’ team at NAE could sense something special and put in extra effort to make it happen, and with a very elite team of curators and Marclay himself watching closely, they rose to the challenge and delivered on time for audiences and gallery visitors to have a memorable time and lose their own sense of time to experience the art work film.

On 10 December there will be a 24 hour screening of The Clock at New Art Exchange, with other artistic interventions taking place. Be sure to make this very special date to see unseen footage of the film!

Time of course is ticking for organisations who are aiming to bid for the new Arts Council England round of funding.  Dame Liz Forgan’s deadline to get bids in for the new National Portfolio Funding programme is 24th January 2011.  This will be an exercise to consolidate and sharpen its list of arts organisations i.e. establish those who are in or out, identify the new and get shot of the old or non-performing, to put it bluntly.  For us at NAE we will be considering and preparing for this alongside our preparations to deal with funding hits for 2011/12… a tricky and challenging time for many arts organisations that may be inclined to play it safe, in order to attract larger audiences to demonstrate value.  Playing it safe will no doubt impact on programming or developing more experimental work or activity reaching the hard to engage. This is a worry for me.

What will be interesting will be who from the current list of portfolio holders i.e. RFOs (Regularly Funded Organisations) will survive, possibly strengthen and those who will die or have reduced funding. Time and tide as they say wait for none.  There is much to do and for all you rising stars, an opportunity to impress, bid and go forward.  And of those at risk, whoever you may be, it’s time to wake up smell the coffee… in fact the coffee may have already been consumed, digested and urinated.  Like my DIY efforts…run out of time.

Getting the balance of quality, the shock of the new and wider appeal is never easy and as we’ve seen it takes something special like Marclay’s The Clock to make it happen.

What can we, you and I create that is special?

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