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Welcome to the New Creative Nottingham


Yes, it’s official, Creative Nottingham has had a facelift! We should point out that cosmetic surgery is not the answer to your self-esteem issues, but in our case, a little nip and ┬átuck was definitely in order to celebrate how far we’ve come in just over a year since our debut!

That’s right, it was actually August 2009 that our first post was penned by Susi O’Neill, digital consultant extraordinaire, and we officially launched just over a month later in September. As we look forward to new heights ahead of us, celebrating the many and diverse creative opportunities that Nottingham presents, it’s perhaps about time we should reflect on what’s gone before. Are we doing okay, Nottingham? Are we missing out on some fantastic creative events and communities?

Since September 09, we’ve seen a great bunch of new contributors come on board, we’ve inaugurated our free job listings and our immediate publishing platform, and we’ve introduced loads of fantastic guest bloggers pulled from Nottingham’s creative communities, as well as plugging into Twitter and Facebook so as to best serve you the creamery creative goodness available in our city.

So, if you like what’s happening here, let us know – and if you don’t like what we’re doing, please let us know! Creative Nottingham’s modus operandi is directly informed by you; by your tips, events, successes and more. Enjoy the ride everyone, we’re just getting started…

*Thanks to everyone who helped with the redesign, but especially our supporters Strafe Creative and the lovely folks at Green Hosting.