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Links Round-Up: Theology

Persian investiture rock relief with zoroastrian god

”]Persian investiture rock relief with zoroastrian godThis first Links Roundup this week has a theological flavour.

The always innovative artists group, Sixes & Sevens have a three-fold event on Gods and Rockers coming up, with the first event at Nottingham Contemporary on Friday, 26 November, at 11am and 1pm. Details of the second and third components, at Tether, are on their website. All events are free.  The overview sets the scene:

Gods and Rockers is a look at how two entities can create themselves. For believers, both speak truth and exemplify a way of life, for the detractors they are based on what may appear to be delicate reasoning. Bringing together artists who work with myth, ritual, idolatry and belief, these three events aim to begin a conversation about the creation of enigmatic figures seen as “Gods” by their followers, and to discuss, perhaps, the nature of authenticity when considering systems or movements that are based on debateable truths.

(And if you can’t wait for the Friday event, the artist, David Blandy, will be doing a Q&A at Broadway on Tuesday, 23 November, after an exclusive showing of his new film “Child of the Atom”.  Details on the Broadway website.)

At Media Camp Nottingham, on the other hand, there will be many debates, and many truths, but authenticity is not in question. Both the morning and afternoon sessions, on Saturday, 27 November, are free, but you need to book. Several members of the Creative Nottingham collective will be in attendance, you can decide for yourself which of us are Gods and which are Rockers.