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Featured – Postcard Competition Winners

'Tingewick Woods' photographic design by Jason Parry

This years Postcard Design competition drew submissions from creative people across Nottinghamshire. After a team vote the winning designs were decided and designs by Hannah Lobley, James Random, Yui Waraporn and Jason Parry were printed onto our first ever batch of free postcards. You may have already seen the postcards out and about in Nottingham. I posed a few questions to two of our winners, Hannah and James about their designs and inspirations and their connections to Nottingham.

Introduce yourselves in one sentence –

I’m James Random. I have no business name other than James Random. I’m a Freelance graphic designer based in Nottingham.

I’m Hannah Lobley owner and creator of Paperwork, based in City Centre Nottingham, just off Alfreton Road.

What encouraged you to enter our Logo Competition?

James – I think it’s important for us designer folk to be connecting with each other. The logo and image competition seemed like a good way to do that.

Hannah – I have just relocated my studio to Nottingham and wanted to introduce my work to the Nottinghamshire Audience.

Recycled 'Paperwork' products postcard design by Hannah Lobley with Photography by Daniel Lane

What brought you to Nottingham?

James – A train. Kidding. It was a parental decision to move here about ten years ago. Been here ever since. It’s a nice city with a lot of creative energy. There’s lots to do. Which is why I get bored of people who complain that they’re bored and there’s nothing to do.

Hannah – I have just moved into a new studio space in Nottingham from Derby, it’s so much bigger than my last space.

What keeps you in Nottingham?

James – The Creativity, of course. I have no real aspirations to bust out of Shawshank.

Hannah – I lived in Nottinghamshire for the first 23 years of my life and I studied Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University. I have always loved Nottingham and a lot of my family & friends still live in the area; so when the opportunity arose to have a studio here I jumped at the chance. I only live down the road in Derby but the plan is to return to Notts in the next couple of years.

What makes you different to other creative people in Nottingham?

James – I specialise in minimalistic design. Contrary to opinions on minimalists, this is not a byproduct of my laziness.

Hannah – My process is unique and very eco friendly; I developed it while studying for a Masters at London Guildhall University. I had accidentally left a book out in the rain and although it was ruined and unreadable I couldn’t bear to throw it away. I had specialised in woodwork at Trent Uni and began to think of the book as a piece of wood; after all it began life that way. So I used the same techniques I employed in my wood working and adapted it to the paper.

Digital illustration postcard design by James Random

This is how I came to develop the internationally exhibited and award winning Paperwork; it is a unique recycling technique using the printed pages of unwanted books and paper. The pages are layered and transformed back into a solid wood like material. Traditional wood working methods are then used to create interior objects from that material. The surface patternation of the paper when the objects are worked echoes wood grain. Wood becomes paper becomes wood.

What are your future creative plans, where do you see youself in 5 years time?

James – Tricky question. I don’t do the five year plan. It’s a waste of time. Life is too random to be making five year plans. Creativity doesn’t work on that sort of level. I shall be, in five years, wherever I shall be.

Hannah – I hope to continue with my international commissions and exhibitions. Paperwork has been exhibited in France, Germany, USA, Japan, China and Singapore and I have been lucky enough personally show my work in Paris & Japan and was commissioned to produce a large scale commission for an Eco Mall outside of Tokyo. The Japanese are really enthusiastic and conscious about recycling, combine this with their history of paper and my work has been received over there very positively.  I really enjoy travelling and love to combine this with my work, I gain so much inspiration from these ventures and it helps to keep my work fresh with new influences and ideas.

What do you wish you had more time for?

James – Thinking.

'Love Tree' recycled mixed media collage Design by Yui Waraporn

Hannah – Making work for myself, so I can put in my house! Also, I would like to make more abstract large scale work and furniture pieces.

What do you think is Nottinghams best kept secret?

James – Connectivity.

Hannah – Paperwork, of-course!!!

What would you like to see more of in Nottingham?

James – More people talking to each other, rather than at each other.

Hannah – More eco & sustainable events & exhibitions.

What Big project or event are you currently working on?

James – Small projects, but many. Currently working alongside PCM creative and Phil Campbell of on a number of levels and projects.

Hannah – My new retail range. This has just gone on sale in Debbie Bryan’s Studio & Shop in the Lace Market, along with other outlets within the East Midlands.  Also, I am currently working on putting a proposal together with a maximum security prison to gain funding to produce a commissioned, large scale, wall based art piece using the Paperwork process for the health centre within the facility.

A huge thank you to Hannah and James for taking the time to answer our questions and to all the winners for being a part of our Postcard Competition and sharing their beautiful work with us!