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Have yourself a woolly little Christmas…

It’s a dark and bitterly cold night but that doesn’t stop a small band of intrepid crafters. Their mission? To spread a little Christmas cheer to the people of Nottingham.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we  mentioned the yarn bombing phenomenon – or guerilla knitting, if you prefer – crafters beautifying public spaces with knitted or crocheted items. Last night, it was Nottingham’s turn to get a bit of knitted love, and just in time for Christmas.

After a few weeks prep and a day spent crocheting some extra snowflakes and icicles the bombers wrapped up warm and chose their spot – a tree on the corner of Shakespeare Street, next to the Arkwright building on Nottingham Trent campus and across the road from the city’s central fire and police stations (just to add a frisson of excitement). Snowflakes, icicles, stockings, snowballs, Christmas puddings and small trees were pulled from bags and tied to the bare branches while passers by looked on with amusement.

“Hopefully they will stay up there long enough for people to see them on their way home from work,” said one crafter. “It’s nice to put a bit of time into something and share it with people.”

In under ten minutes the tree is transformed and fingers are blue with cold. Time to go home. Merry Christmas everyone.