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It’s a wrap

The seasonal slog is in its final throws and ‘well done’ if you’ve survived so far – but can you really be sure you’ve ticked everything off that Christmas list yet?

Sometimes life feels like a succession of list making doesn’t it?  If you’re anything like me, there is always someone you’ve forgotten, or spent less on…. (I just need to ram in those extra chocolates to bulk it up a bit!!) – No one wants to look stingy at Christmas do they?

Well, if you’ve not got the good sense to stay warm indoors, then hopefully you’ll have the good sense to head to Nottingham and finish the job off properly.  With the Christmas Market now on in Old Market Square, there are plenty of good Christmas vibes to get you in the spirit.

Traditionally it’s the men that leave the Christmas shopping until last minute – but I’ve seen plenty of ladies with bulging bags in town at lunchtime too – so times, they are a changing! Luckily there are still a few arts and crafts Christmas offerings to help you complete the job. Here are just a few ideas:

Hopkinson’s Gallery, Station Street: until 24 December – unique arts, crafts and design items to buy

Winter Wonderland Traditional Market, Long Row and Smithy Row:  until 9 January 2011

Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop: to 24 December – Check web for opening times

Le Chien et Moi: Check web for opening times

Luna, Lower Parliament Street: Check web for opening times.

If you need a quick reminder of the Christmas shopping times in Notts, here’s one that the lovely folk at Nottingham Tourism Centre have pulled together.