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Guest Blog – Spectacular, Spectacular

Dan Beswick @ Acoustickle

Hello creative types and merry souls alike, it appears the year is ending again.

Christmas has come and gone so fast it almost didn’t happen, and I’m pretty sure it was September yesterday, so where’s 2010 gone exactly?! It’s been hugely eventful my end, and it seems I’m set up quite nicely for the next one too.

Basement Forte played for only the 3rd time in January, but by the end of summer we’d recorded for I’m Not From London; had a sun-fuelled blast at the Arboretum’s Green Festival; did Nottingham Council’s City Pulse; hip-hop festival ‘Breakdown’ in Rescue Rooms; got offered free recording to do an EP; then October’s Hockley Hustle in Dogma. Unfortunately the studio time fell through, thanks to the government’s fantastic idea to cut as much funding to the arts as possible, (probably because the army needed more guns or whatever), yet we have been asked into Confetti and other places in 2011, so fingers crossed (and a fat middle one to the coalition).

As mentioned in the questionnaire, we’re playing NYE at The Maze with Royal Gala, Drunken Balordi, Harleighblu and Hallouminati. It sold out Wednesday morning, faster than expected, disappointing about 40 people wanting around 8 tickets each – I remembered to save 9, and clung to them like gold dust when I saw queues of people desperately waiting for some.
If you managed to get there in time, you’re about to have a ridiculously debauched night. My mum’s just announced she plans to sneak in through the bar, despite being on ‘mum-list’. Trying to blag door staff, now where would she learn to do that, I wonder?

Half the band comes from different cities and Joel our guitarist now goes to Manchester uni, so we spent a rare two days solid practicing and wrote 3 new tunes in the process.
After NYE we’re playing with 25 Past the Skank and Nina Smith on the 7th at The Maze and Fri 21st in Moog with Hey Zeus (an elctro-swing style band with Royal Gala members and 3-times world DMC champ DJ Switch).

My own night Acoustickle has done really well; some tremendous folk like Dan Beswick and Jake Bugg even played their first ever gigs for us. Christmastickle on 20th December was particularly ace: Natalie Duncan, James Thompson and St Raymond all played to a full room, and Kaben pulled up Louis Cypher and Birdie Mack for a proper impromptu Christmas rap, banging.
The next one is at The Alley Cafe 20th Jan; I’ll have a full line-up before the end of my stint here, so it’d be great to see you if ye fancy popping along.
Acoustickle now travels to Platform 29 too, an art gallery and tea room in Radcliffe-on-Trent that has so far been blessed to host Will Jeffery, Delta Sun, Liam O’Kane, Ed Bannard of Hhymn, Ruby Kid, Emily Rachel Martin, Lance Hume on sitar and Mark Reeves to name a few. It’s a really intimate room up there, with only space for about 20 people. Everyone brings a bottle to drink over the cosy two hours, only to stand up later and discover, by God, they’re totally pissed. It’s bringing Nottingham’s all-stars to the cafe that really reminds you how astonishingly talented local people are, we’ve even had members of audience crying it’s been that moving.
There’s a Facebook group with rare videos and photos under ‘Platform 29’.

Notts Unsigned just made an epic playlist of artists, as nominated by the listeners, who’re tipped to make it big next year. If you keep listening up until 18 minutes, you’ll hear a gushing fool ranting about Royal Gala…

In a few days time there’ll be a possibly still inebriated me telling anyone who’ll listen all about New Years. Until then, good night.