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New Year’s Revolution

So the date sounds like something out of a novel by H.G. Wells and your resolutions are already as stale as the leftover nibbles from New Year’s Eve.  It  might all seem a little grey and quiet out there right now, but stay in touch with Creative Nottingham and we’ll try to make this the best 2011 you ever have..!

There are all sorts of interesting things on the horizon. Things like a short film competition currently seeking filmmakers to submit an idea based on the theme of  ‘Mondays’ – with the chance to win £10,000!  Or the very grand-sounding Wesley-Barrell Craft Awards now calling for established craftspeople to showcase their skills. Or how about a course soon starting  aimed at artists wanting to work with schools – or the Nottingham Young Creative Awards 2011 which is looking for nominations right now? The list continues! So whatever personal or professional revolution you’re pondering on for 2011, keep an eye on what’s going on here or via Twitter or Facebook. And if there’s anything you’d like to tell us about, share it with lots of lovely people out there via our Community site. Let’s make 2011 a good one.

2010? That’s so last year.