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Links round-up: Eclectic offerings

January blues? Take a look at some of the lovely stuff we’ve heard about recently.

Beyond breakdance

To say dance is big right now is an understatement. Dance is so huge at the moment that I’m surprised I don’t see groups of shoppers transforming into guerrilla dance troupes down Clumber Street, or musical medleys performed by people waiting in bus queues. (Actually that would be quite nice). If you’re based in a school, why not see whether it’s there’s potential to benefit from  a free school workshop through Dance4’s CAT scheme, running from the end of January until April? More details here. And I’ll dig out my 80s leg warmers for an impromptu breakdance session in Market Square.

Meet your makers

Back in September we covered the launch of the Sarah Davenport Shop of Originality, after having heard from Sarah herself, in her temporary role as one our guest bloggers. This weekend you can meet the designers and makers behind the shop’s eclectic offerings. You’ll also be able to find out what schemes Sarah is hatching for the future!

Wish you were here?

Speaking of originality, the annual Postcard Show from the Surface Gallery proves that one size really does fit all. It’s amazing to see how many different styles, media and messages can be conveyed within one tiny postcard-sized space. There’s still just enough time to submit your work for this international competition. Details here.

Found in translation

Also bringing varied media together is the event It Gives Us The Other which aims to weave together the themes of poetry and translation in all kinds of ways. Taking place in April, there is now a call for submissions:

We welcome abstracts of no more than 400 words on any area of poetry and translation for presentations of 20 minutes (readings, papers, panels) or 40 minutes (workshops, activities).

Possible proposals might include:

  • A reading of poetry in translation of which you are the translator, with time for discussion
  • A reading of poetry in translation of which you are the poet, with time for discussion
  • A creative-writing workshop on translation with writing exercises and discussion
  • A scholarly paper on the role of the translator in terms of poetry
  • A discussion of two different translations of one work
  • An interview with a translator or poet whose work is translated
  • A workshop about translation between art and poetry (ekphrasis) 

Smile for the camera

With facts and figures being mostly associated with doom and gloom these days,  it’s good to hear some positive info through two new reports from EM Media, showing that since 2002 EM Media have:

Invested in 700 creative media projects and professionals, including skills development and training awards

Co-financed 42 locally produced feature films and 82 locally produced short films

Supported more than 4,000 creative businesses

Generated over £179m economic benefit for the local economy

Read the reports here or visit the EM website for more positive news about events and opportunities for 2011.

Finally, sticking with the film-theme, the Broadway wants to know what we think of their cafebar. Share your views here.