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Guest Blog – It aint over til you die

photo cred: Laura Davis

photo cred: Laura Davis

Hello, hope you’ve been partying right the way through New Years and have collapsed in a useless heap wishing death on anyone who tries to give you booze…

I’m sad that to say my Creative Nottingham stint is all over, but I don’t bother with goodbyes, they seem so final.
Hopefully, if nothing else, this blog will have garnered interest in all of mine and everyone else’s projects. Bloody hell, my heart just whirred thinking about it. I’ll tell you about this weekend, and what the next month will be like (for me, anyway.)

Friday night at The Maze was frankly magnificent. The ever-growing crowd loved our set: to sum it all up – Sweaty band, Sweaty audience; Happy Forte!
Revolution Sounds always knock it out the park with party bands, so it was a reet pleasure to be on such a sick ass line-up. 25 Past The Skank and China Shop Bull both smashed it, and Nina Smith, as always, was charming and gorgeous.

Playing the Beautiful Mouth set on Saturday for Sounddhism was equally fantastic, but in a surreal way. Essentially this band doesn’t exist, with the set we played originally a one-off show, however we shall be reforming for the next Stars In Their Eyes in May at The Maze. Whilst we played, a random man joined us on stage with his soprano saxophone. The first bloody tune of the show was a jam just trying to kill time.
This gig went so well, I got asked for my autograph, twice. Admittedly, it was the same guy but he waited an hour before asking a second time. All night I had people complimenting us, asking if we’d play again and then advising us to consider doing weddings. Pretty crazy, eh? I’d never seen Monosonicos ’til their set. They’re a load of Nottingham University medical students playing Latin and Soul-Ca, and are undoubtedly one to watch for 2011.

For Basement Forte, we’ve got a couple of festivals lined up for the summer now and will be doing This Is Live with Zoe Kirk on March 17th. Exciting! The ineffable Ruby Kid, who once stepped in for our MC Reuben, did a great interview for them that you can watch here.

Details for this month’s Acoustickle in the Alley Cafe have been finalised. Charlotte Carpenter, The Other Left and 2 more acts will be blowing minds on Thursday 20th January. One of the acts will be playing their first ever live gig, and believe me it’s always such a rush to pop musical cherries. The next Acoustickle at The Maze is Monday 14th February with Clockwork Lights, Daniel Cliffe, Paige Guy, Elias and Roza Bazrafshan to name a few. Hopefully Lisa Deville will be doing a set too. Since it’s on Valentine’s Day, expect the extra special with a few suprises.

In April it’s Acoustickle’s two year birthday with the amazing Delta Sun, Hhymn and Jake Bugg already confirmed. Keep an eye out for details, the first birthday party was top of the game with Captain Hotknives, Haiki Loki, Minnie Birch, Timothy J Simpson and Undercats. This one will be even better if that’s truly possible.

For Platform 29, there’s the new schedule of events to organise. We’ll be having the youthful Jake Bugg playing a set there soon, and hopefully both the Storytellers of Nottingham and DIY Poets will pop over for more hotly anticipated sessions.

Magnifico Productions will be hosting a carnivale masquerade ball in Radcliffe-on-Trent, 4th February: I’ve just confirmed Royal Gala and Maniere Des Bohemiens as live acts and have booked adequate PA and sound engineer for the night. All in all it’s been insanely busy this month already. This glitzy affair is generating lots of interest, mostly because Vincent and Flavia of Strictly Come Dancing will be performing two lavish Argentinean tangos and then sticking around to mingle with the crowd, dance with people and sign autographs. Next week I’ll be auditioning a lovely bloke to see if can sing Italian Opera pieces for us! It’s all very sophisticated, and in case you’re interested yourself, you can buy tickets from online or through telephone with SEE TICKTS. As a build up to the ball, Platform 29 will be exhibiting Italian inspired work and sculpture from local artists, and will hopefully host some mask-making workshops.

The other bit of organising to be done this month is a party for the high profile New Adventures of Web Design conference. Antenna is the venue hosting ‘Second Wednesday’, featuring Kaben, Harlequin burlesque and Maxidred DJ. The event’s all over Twitter and should be very busy, so get your ticket soon if you’re coming.

The aim is to take on less this year, really pushing only handfuls of goals at a time. I definitely want to build a strong portfolio as a copywriter (or general wordsmith), so it’s lucky I’m starting a regular music column in Nottingham magazine ‘It’s All About You’ in Feb. It seems all too convenient combining my interests so effortlessly, perhaps it will bite me in the ass and prove ridiculously difficult, stressful and time-consuming.
On reflection, my lifestyle is already like that and yet I still enjoy it immensely.

Well, I guess there’s not much left to say, you know a lot about me and much of what I do day-to-day. If, despite this, you feel like hiring me and giving me money, or making me dance or something, please don’t hesitate to call. I accept fat greasy chips and molten chocolate as payment, but not crispy-thin fries or refrigerated chocolate. That’d be cheap.

Ta ta for now,