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Links Round-Up: Digital Delights

Photo by Patrick Dinnen, Stack of TVs ready for Content, photo by Patrick Dinnen,"]

Photo by Patrick Dinnen,"

We start the week with a focus on the digital world. 

At the end of last year, Nott Tuesday had the annual Nottingham Startup of the Year, and we heard from four excellent fledgling companies. Tomorrow, you have the chance to hear about one of the most successful UK operations of the internet era.  Rob Wilmot, one of the founders of Freeserve and now working with the local BCS Digital is the speaker at Nott Tuesday, 11 January at Antenna.   The event is listed to start at 6.30, although this is only likely if a everyone made the same New Year’s Resolution about timekeeping.

The evening promises to be more interactive than usual as Lucy Hewitt (@luciebean) of will be present and talking to members of the audience. If you haven’t had your 15 seconds of internet TV fame, this could be your night.  Previously an award winning journalist with URN, Student Radio for Nottingham, she has come back for a few weeks in her new role and is meeting and interviewing for her internet tv work. 

Of course Nottingham has its own “station”:  which modestly describes itself as “hottest sofa based Ultimate Frisbee internet TV show ever to rock your digital world”.  There may be others, if you know of any, please tell us in the comments and we might do a special blog post.  If you want to start an station, why not turn the tables on Lucy and interview her about working in a startup, working in the internet tv world.  If you are shy about interviewing, there is a good guide in Caron Lyon’s recent  Audioboo with Lucy where she explains what she does.

If Freeserve, BCS Digital, and Techfluff are not enough innovation for you this week, on Wednesday, 12 January at 6.30, the Second Wednesday gathering, also at Antenna, will be hearing from Gregg Fraley, an innovation consultant.  Gregg, usefully for the running theme of this blog post, started his career in television before working in health technology, writing books, and becoming a comedy improviser alongside his consultancy. 

Second Wednesday is holding a special event next week as well, on the third Wednesday (Wednesday 3.0?) this month, 19 January from 8pm.  This will be a chance for Nottingham folk to mingle with those coming to the New Adventures in Web Design event on the next day.  The New Adventures has been sold out for weeks, but if you want to network, Antenna, on 19 January could be a good place. That is if you can hear anyone about the programme of live music, close up magic, dancers and a DJ (which also means a modest five pound entry fee, the normal events are free).

These two day-named organisations are just a few of the digital gatherings that are arranged in Nottingham most months.  If you don’t know your Geekup from your Hackspace, or you fancy a Girl Geek Dinner, it can be hard to keep track.  Nick, who organises Second Wednesday, is being even more helpful by trying to pull all the digital events together in a meetup group, Notingham Digital Events, assisted by the diverse organisers. Thanks, Nick!