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Are we nearly there yet?

Photo by Stuart Bannocks,

Each year the serious newspapers use the Turner prize shortlist to ask “is it art”?  Our new Contemporary Art museum has challenged us with, by implication, this question, and I hope, will continue to do so.  This weekend sees the question posed again, by Nottingham Studios, with their fourth, and last, contribution to Sideshow: Not ready yet

Fittingly, in a city so dominated by retailing, they are working out of a shop unit, 5 Smithy Row, The Exchange Building, Nottingham (just opposite Primark, make of that what you will).  The preview is this Sunday, 2-5 pm, and after that, it is open Wednesday – Saturday 12:00 – 18:00 & Sunday 12:00 – 17:00 until 6 February.   The artists involved are Tomas Chaffe, Emma Cocker, Tom Godfrey, John Plowman, and the curator is Niki Russell.   I have tried several times to summarise their press release, but can’t finish, so will quote a large piece:

This project acts in a form of “wilful irresolution”; it is not made ready in advance for a particular purpose.
Housed within the extant architecture of the shop unit, this is a space in transition, between uses, and bearing its previous form before this is ripped out and re-fitted. We inhabit this space and rehearse a use, that is neither shop nor exhibition, but between uses. Physically and temporally they unfold within this space.
Taped windows, a corridor, the option to go downstairs, 84 potential archives, removed mirrors and doors, newly installed “cubicles”, framed documents not quite complete, the option to return to the space later to access further parts of the space.
Individual’s presence, potential readings and objects weave together, and punctuate the space in different ways. There is an exchange of roles and practical purpose within the space. An ongoing expectancy provides the conditions of the project: expectancy that access provides something, expectancy of closure, expectancy that the shop might explode.

Go along and see for yourself, but don’t procrastinate…..