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Introducing Kuku Apps – The developers behind the CN App


Local App developers Kuku have been working away behind the scenes with the team at CreativeNottingham for the last few months to develop our very own iPhone App, a little place where you can see all the latest Creative Nottingham blogs and twitter and community updates in one convenient place.

The App is now available to download from the iTunes store and it’s completely FREE!

I had a chat with Lucy Herreras-Griffiths and Paul Muston, the people behind Kuku Apps who together combine 30 years of programming know-how with creative design and marketing expertise.
So who are Kuku Apps?

Lucy HG: From a young age I was clear that my future had to involve the world of visual communication. I left my native country of Spain in 1997, and chose to take on a degree in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. After nearly a decade of gaining experience by working for others, in March 2008 I took the plunge and set up on my own. My branding and design experience is in a range of industry sectors, from animal healthcare to consumer brands, from financial services to not for profit organisations. My down-to-earth, no nonsense approach means that I’ll listen to clients, but will also diplomatically challenge any pre-conceived ideas they may have. This is a recipe for a strong relationship and brilliantly branded and functional apps. I’m also the project and time manager at Kuku! When I’m not working I’ll take the opportunity to be active – I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky, my latest hit was a bungy swing in NZ. I’m also a lover of good food and wine…

Paul Muston: I have been closely involved in computer graphics and user interfaces for all the 25+ years I have been a professional developer. As a research and development specialist I have worked on diverse projects from flight simulators to futurist operator consoles for controlling high tech pharmaceutical plants. I developed applications for the earliest smart phones when they were called PDAs. Now is the time to bring all this backroom knowledge forward and offer it to the customers of KuKuApps to build the most wonderful iPad and iPhone applications.

What makes Kuku and yourselves unique as creatives?
Kuku: We’re different for a variety of reasons; one being that we aim to make apps accessible to SMEs. Also, we’re big on early stage prototyping, this is so that we can manage expectations way before launch… The unique mix of our contrasting skills set.

Lucy HG: my mixed Mediterranean / British background and upbringing has always helped me to see and think of things in a different way to others, which gives me a fresh take on things…

Paul Muston:
while having experience drawn from a diverse array of subject domains over the years, I am still very excited while experimenting with new tools to solve the classical problems. I feel blessed to have been born in this golden age of technology.

So what are the main features of the App and how have you come to work with Creative Nottingham?
The CN App provides a single place to keep up to date with all things CN.
• don’t miss a single blog post, all the latest posts straight to your iPhone
• find out what’s going on in the CN community
• easily see the CN Twitter stream

We came about working with CN through a networking event. We got talking to Susi O’Neill and it went from there…

What do you think CN offers to it’s readers and how to you think the iPhone App will enhance this?

CN actively promotes Nottingham’s creative activity, connecting and celebrating the creative, arts and digital business communities. If you want to know what’s on or what to do in Nottingham then CN will have the answer. The iPhone App makes it possible to have this information in your pocket and available when you’re on the go. This is how to not miss out on anything!

What do you think is Nottingham’s most underrated aspect, and what keeps you hooked to this city?
The fact that a group of people voluntarily run CreativeNottingham speaks volumes for Nottingham. The business community – specially the digital and creative ones are a force to be reckoned with. So it’s the people and community that keeps us in Nottingham…

I must say the gang at CreativeNottingham are absolutely thrilled with how the App looks and functions, we hope you’ll all enjoy using it! We must extend a huge thank you to Lucy and Paul for all their hard work. Please do check it out on iTunes and send us your feedback and comments!