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There’s an App for This

a blog post on Creative Nottingham

 At the end of last November, Broadway launched their Iphone App, and a fine App it is too. Naturally we covered it on this blog, the final line of the post being:

Broadway is not the only cultural icon in Nottingham launching an App this year, but that will have to be the subject of another post.

Of course, we meant Creative Nottingham would have their App.  And of course we aren’t late, we meant financial year ending in March. 

a blog post on Creative Nottinghamlisting of posts on Creative NottinghamThe Creative Nottingham App is now available to download from the iTunes store and it’s completely FREE!  The App gives you instant access to the blog posts, via an index listing – select one and read it. 

You also have instant access to the articles on our Community Site, and our twitter feed, @creativenotts, if you aren’t following that already.

Our App was built by KuKu Apps.  You can find out more about them from last week’s blog post, or watch them on  And while you are watching TechFluff, why not catch the interview with two members of Creative Nottingham!