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Links Round-Up: Visual Applications

Blue and purple Robin by local Lee J Haywood,

It is getting lighter in the evenings now, and it will really be lighter on 18 Feb when Light Night returns.  The City Council has a summary of the events on their website, including electronic copies of the full brochure of activities. Will it be as good as last year?  Relieve 2010 on our blog post. If you take any pictures this year, why not send them into our Community site for all to see?

If you prefer your visual experience indoors, the Malt Cross Gallery has a new exhibition opening on 12 February: Double Lives: Duple Trials.  Curated by the visual artist, Diana Ali, they say

Double Lives;Duple Trials’ caters for a parallel existence whether it portrays deceiving acts or insatiable actions and can as subtle as a pen name or as exaggerated as the secret identity of a super hero; ultimately why are they adopted?

In either one of your lives you might be interested in the bursaries scheme being launched by Nottingham Writers’ Studio for 2011.  As well as some financial benefits, the scheme includes mentoring.  Details, and a link to the application form for your creative input, is on their website.  The deadline for applications is 23 February.

Once that application is in, you have another five days, until 28 February, to get your submissions in for the third Violated Short Film Festival, being run by OTT Productions:

the focus is Short Films, but we are interested in the art of free speech and interpretation; be that through watercolour, fashion or the medium of dance!

The full details are on their website, similar to the article in the excellent Left Lion which brought this to my attention.

Half our readers can stop here.  For the rest, you might be interested in the East Midlands Women in Business Conference 2011, on Tuesday, 8 March, at the East Midlands Conference Centre.  There are a number of speakers and workshops, although none on the Offside Rule (nor indeed, the Own Goal situation). It costs £95+VAT and there is an online booking form.