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Links Round-Up: Looking Back, Looking Forward


It’s weekends like this one just gone that really make me feel privileged to live and work in Nottingham. Light Night and Lite Night 2011 were a fantastic celebration of Nottingham’s diverse creative spirit; a crystallisation of our purpose here at Creative Nottingham!

In case you missed out on any of the magic, you can glimpse it for yourself on the numerous photography sets that have sprouted around the internet – including our own retrospective on Creative Nottingham, or alternatively on our flickr feed here. In fact, the one thing I’ll be taking away from Light Night (apart from the excellent events and exhibits, of course!) was the sense that cameras and their tripods were themselves blossoming from the ground like so many shiny mushrooms, such were the myriad lenses on view.

Being the place it is, Nottingham doesn’t rest there, however. You have a few days to catch your breath before we launch headlong into the Nottdance Festival 2011. Dance is an artistic medium whose star is definitely on the rise at the moment, with the resurgence in popular interest partly down to Saturday night TV shows like Dancing with the Stars *shudder*. Away from the tacky TV lights, the programme for this year’s festival can be found here (.PDF link) – a nutritious health-shake alternative to the fast food entertainment offered by ITV, the BBC et al. What’s more, Nottdance has now well and truly come of age – the festival is 21 years this year, and can therefore legally drink in America. Says Paul Russ, Chief Executive of Dance4:

The festival’s 21st birthday feels like an important moment to recognise the coming-of-age of one of the longest running and most established dance festivals in the UK…

Events take place across the city and beyond, including at the Playhouse, the Contemporary, Hopkinson’s Gallery and more. The festival runs from 23rd Feb right through to the 13th March, so expect to hear more about what’s happening in the coming weeks, or catch up on the official Dance4 blog here.