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Links round up: Poetry in motion

I hope I’ve inspired an earworm of the 1961 “classic” by Jonny Tillotson with my round up title today. No? Ah well, probably for the best.

The poetry I’m actually referring to is Nottingham Poetry Series’ new journal 1110. ‘One story, one picture, 10 poems’ is the strapline and the journal promises to be a high quality, thought-provoking walk through the slightly odd yet beautiful realms of the human mind. Let’s hope so, eh? Anyway, it’s in motion from next week when the first issue gets sent out so get your orders in first and tell us what you think of it.

You’ve got about a week or so left of NottDance – the festival of dance currently wowing audiences across the city. I notice one Twitter review today called it “Beautiful, ethereal, trippy. Wow. Am loving I Infinite. Beg steal borrow a ticket …” So you have been told – get in! Ticket and event details are on their website.

If you’re down at the New Art Exchange tonight then you’ll be lucky enough to catch Soumik Datta performing his Circle of Sound show which is an audio-visual feast of Sarod (for those of you who don’t know, the sarod is an Indian stringed instrument popular in Hindustani classical music) and drumming. Soumik is one of the most acclaimed Sarod players around and says of the show: “Your mind wanders when you improvise. You see things, visit places, revisit a memory: a girl on a cycle, the creak of a floorboard, the shape of a temple dome, windows like orange square eyes on the face of a skyscraper, the skyline of a city, the bend of a dancer, the calm breath of traffic, the regularity of escalators, the faces in a crowd. These when combined make up your circle – your circle of sound.”

If you can handle that, the show starts at 7.30 and costs £8 admission.

And finally! Your thoughts are needed on a business venture designed to keep hold of all our top graduates from Nottingham’s universities right here in the city. Those nice chaps behind Esendex would appreciate it – for more detail check out this website. Thanks.