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Guest Blog – New York New York

As i pointed out in my last blog, i’m a mass of projects. i like to keep busy, in fact i like to be too busy which is kind of foolish but the adventures don’t come to you, you have to go to them. As is the case with most creative people we never really stop thinking, trying to start something new. I was taking a week off and was visiting friends in New York last Oct. I hooked up with a couple people and we set about exploring some of the galleries in the Chelsea area, quite famous for its small galleries.

We checked out a couple of exhibitions but one building we found was a mix of 2 or 3 galleries on a floor, each just using up a space within an old industrial unit, jokingly i said about one of the empty units that myself and Diana More should get one of the spaces, come and live in the US for 3 months (the max you can get from a holiday visa) and just work on creating new art work, playing around with all those ideas stacked up in our heads and getting to live in one of the most well known creative hot spots in the world.

Seemed like a joke, as if that was too impossible to do. The more i thought about it the more i wanted to do it and the idea become a real project. The biggest project I’d ever dreamed up and i knew that i wanted to do it so much that it had to happen. So with little more than some ink, a camera and some dark and creative thoughts myself and Diana will be returning to New York at the end of this summer.

Obviously this is a crazy expensive impulse so, getting my business cap on and chatting with various people we managed to come up with an idea that will allow us to have an even better experience and work together with other artists to fund this project. The plan is we will set up in a studio within the Williamsburgh area of Brooklyn, just off the famous L train and welcome a guest artists in each week to work along side us. It’s so simple and so much cheaper than hiring a gallery to do a one week show we couldn’t believe how good this idea is. Its really caught the imagination of so many people. Obviously not everyone can take a week out and come play with us in the studio for a week so we had a good think and we decided to extend that chance of getting artwork noticed in New York by having an end of project party, a final show to bring all those great artists we’ve met over the years and show them off in a mini show along side all the work created by the 9 guests artists and the two fools taking on this project.

Its a vast project, something i hope will inspire many to join us, support us or even end up doing their own thing, i already have plans for the next couple of years for this to expand! So how much will all this cost, we are hoping to get the finer details confirmed as soon as possible but something around the $300 for a week in a studio with myself and Diana is what we are aiming for, if we get somewhere bigger then it will be more but that will also give the guys joining us somewhere to stay and that way its a lot cheaper than hotels. Obviously not everyone can join us and we really want to expand the project to those unable to travel etc so we’ll be doing a showcase section that will cost about $50 for each piece entered, we’ll be doing an info/submissions PDF soon as we can confirm the size restrictions etc.

The most surprising element we’ve encountered is so many people wanting to still come out to NY and visit us even tho they cant afford to maybe do the studio space side of the project, its great to see so many wanting to feed off the vibe of all this and we definitely welcome people doing long weekends to check in with us and maybe inspire us as we are hopefully inspiring others in return.

All this talk of money has got a few folks wondering how much we are making out of this and Diana and Myself are foolishly funding this project entirely by ourselves, we wont make anything from this and the cash for the studio rent is just that, money towards the rent so we wont keep any of it. Its kind of sad to see people assuming that everything done has to be for a profit for it to be of benefit to you, we can 100% say this is a NON profit venture, we would love sponsorship, some backing would be amazing but that doesn’t always have to be financial. Any businesses wanting to get some exposure over in New York really should get in touch with me and we’ll see how we can mutually benefit each other.

One of the questions I’ve had is – can I meet up and have a chat with you? I’m scared and nervous about this project.
The answer is yes, we’d love to meet up and answer everyones questions, help settle some of those fears and just get to know more of the people loving what we are doing. We plan to have two meet ups, first being in Nottingham April 16th directly after the Dr Sketchy event at the Glee Club, the second will be in London the next day on the 17th at the Black Heart pub in Camden, details about both events are here

also – this is an awesome idea! what can I do to help spread the word?

OK so no one’s really asked us that but if you would like to help us spread the word please re-post the link on your FB status, on any other network you’re a part of and tell anyone you think might like to be involved. This is a non-profit networking creative project. So get involved.
There will be updates, more info on who we are working with and extra meet ups etc surrounding the project so please do get in touch.

Matt Darkwave