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Doing it Differently


Image Credit: Phil Campbell,

We tend to have a particular modus operandi here at Creative Nottingham. We look through blogs, tweets and emails to uncover the golden nuggets of Nottingham-based creative interest. It works, I hope – at the very least, we’ve been steadily growing since our inception in late 2009. Sometimes, though, that’s not enough; sometimes there are gems that you won’t find no matter how hard you search. That’s why, on occasion, it pays to turn things around.

We put a call out on Twitter yesterday afternoon. What are you doing that’s cool? We want to know what’s happening in and around Nottingham (and by Nottingham peeps), because if you tell us, we can tell you and everyone else, and as an added bonus, you don’t have to toot your own horn about it! It’s a win-win-win-win situation – you get news out (win), we get to get news out (win!), everyone knows your news (win!!) and of course, there’s no suggestion of shameless self-promotion (win!!! Well, except slightly here, with this very post, but we’re doing it for the good of the people, honest…)

So without further adieu, here’s a couple of items that we wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for this different approach:

Be Better

Have you heard of Life Clubs? Founded in 2004 by columnist and author Nina Grunfeld, they can be described as expert self-improvement sessions without the price tag to match. They’re 90-minute workshops on a variety of topics, and Nottingham’s first Life Club meeting is scheduled for this evening, Thursday 10th March! Tickets are £20 on the door, cheaper if you book online.


Backlit, the studio/gallery/project space, are launching their next exhibition Saturday 26th March. Hypnosis of the Spectacle is an attempt to capture those fleeting moments of reflection that bring you up sharply; the proverbial sleeper placed carefully across the rail tracks of your train of thought.  Runs through until Sunday 10th April.


Nottingham’s digitician Phil Campbell has launched a blog, 100milestories, documenting his journey from Florida and Texas, en route to the South By Southwest festival. Ever willing to jump onto the cutting-edge bandwagon, Phil seems to be using a combination of macbook, personal wifi hotspot and bambuser to broadcast exactly what is happening on the long dusty road. Well worth keeping up with…


Whilst we’re on blogs, Tom Clements has been in touch to publicise his own blog, a (some might say incongruous) mix of gastronomy and hip-hop. Mind you, that might not be so strange – they didn’t call hip-hop legend Biggie Smalls for nothing…

So, it all just goes to show – if you’re proud of something that’s happening out and about, let us know and we can publicise it for all to see…