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Tuesday 8th

Happy International Women’s Day
We had the first of our fund-raisers today …Laurie & I were running around a bit to start with but settle into things
tea & cake (was going to be pancakes !) and the best looking chicks & hens for just two quid ..and that includes a cream egg all hand knitted from the lovely ladies at Nottingham Breast Cancer Support Group.

It was nice and busy .. the Fashion Retail girls came over specially from New College Nottingham
they are so nice…drinking tea with one hand and re-arranging my new cushions with the other…
it was nearly 4pm by the time everyone had left and we raised a bit of cash for a good cause

Wednesday 9th

Kirsty was working with me today, after usual house-keeping she started on making the cutest little corsage brooches for Christmas collections ..
I had my head down planning the design workshop programme for the next few months
Hattie Kerrs is confirmed for Knit Master-class and just spoke to Jeweller Katherine Richmond about a class over the summer

Thursday 10th

Had a moment of fame on BBC Radio Nottingham at 10.52 am on the Francis Finn show and said goodbye at 10.53am. Spoke about ……..sewing on a button, oh and darning a sock !
…not my best live interview

Janine from Nottingham Breast Cancer Support Group popped in to purchase a gorgeous raison lace shawl for the Cocktail Party tomorrow night at Nottingam Castle, its part of International Women’s Day Festival.
Exciting news! she confirmed we had WI ladies to teach crochet, knit, card-making cross-stitch and bead-work for our finale fund-raiser on the 31st March. Sunday Tea Party with ….TheWI. 1-4pm

Janine she is a star for organising all this!

If you fancy learning some traditional craft skills from talented WI ladies come along to our Sunday Tea Party, all in aid of Nottingham Breast Support Group.

Friday 11th

Had a morning meeting with designers Hannah Lobley and Jayne Childs about our Nottingham – Karlsruhe Creative Twinning Project. All exciting stuff!

Harriet is my new work placement, she’s knitwear graduate from Winchester School of Art, back home in Nottingham. It’s her second week with us and she’s lovely.

Janine Nelson for smashing chintz is up from London visiting family and she has dropped off her new collection of mosaics and ceramic pieces, I LOVE THE CHICKEN!

Getting ready for Katie Almond Ceramic Workshops tomorrow.. Brooch Making and in the afternoon Stoneware Tile Making, Katie’s workshop are great, everyone really loves them and are always amazed by what they make.

Friday night 11th
Getting ready after work to go the cocktail party a Nottingham Castle; a celebration of 100 Women of Substance. Nottingham Illustrators Corrina Rothwell and Charlotte Thomson meet me at the shop and we go up together.

Castle looks very atmospheric lite up at night, know a few people at the party .. nice to have a catch up. They have speeches relating to the International Women’s Day causes including from Jane Todd, chief Executive of Nottingham city council and Melanie Jeffs, the driving force behind making 100 Women of Substance happen. She also presented a special posthumous award to Tracie Eagles; a wonderful lovely lady, I got to know Tracie via her work at Design Factory. Tracie’s award was received by her close friends and work colleagues Clare Edwards and Hayley Banks. It was all very emotional but we all felt very proud of Tracie.

Really lovely night at the Castle, few of us head off to the other Castle for a couple of post-cocktail party drinks.

Saturday 12th
Met designer Katie Almond at the shop for 10ish and we get set up for our brooch making workshop, Katie has brought all her inspiration boards to share with everyone . ..which are to say the least very inspiring!

Everyone starts to arrive and we serve tea and biscuits before Katie begins, half time ! serve tea and brownies. Everyone has created the most beautiful brooches. We get tidy and get ready for our tile making workshop at 2pm…

Had chat with Katie about a Katie Almond Workshop Weekend over the summer .. maybe July time

You can get involved in more International Womens Day Festival arts and crafts workshops at Debbie’s shop. Visit the website to see all the events happening next week at Debbie Bryan Studio and shop.