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Guest Blog – A week in the life of… Part 2

Sunday 13th
Sunday tea party with 100 years of fashion with Emma Ojapah.

It was so wonderful to hear about Emma’s research for her forthcoming collection, she brought with her the most delicate Nottingham lace collar from the 1890’s. We also had a collection of 1930’s fashion drawings from Vanessa, (a lovely lady who visits the shop) the her mother had created while at Nottingham Art College.

Monday 14th

Lighting designer Hannah Nunn visited Nottingham today as she was interviewing Sarah Turner about her eco-lighting collection for her new lighting book – out 2012.  Hannah is such an inspiration, she also has a design studio and shop in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

Tuesday 15th
Had breakie with Hannah and then we had a look round the new exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary ..had another cuppa! before waving her off back up to Yorkshire.

Wednesday 16th
Harriet had the massive task of stringing up our new lace drawings, the are so beautiful.. some are even dated.

Thursday 17th
Was in the studio today bit of making ..bit of tidying

Friday 18th
Harriet was working again today, she has been helping with textile work and she brought in her portfolio for me to look at ..all very nice.
Saturday 19th
Laurie was working hard today to promote our events online ! Had a good day at the shop with a mixture of new & revisiting customers.

Sunday 20th
Sarah McNicol delivered her Creatively Confident workshop today  to a group of new..ish creative businesses. this is our third sunday tea party  for International women’s day (next week , the 31st is with the W.I ! ) We hosted one last year for Creative October and everyone who attended found it really inspiring.

Have a couple of jobs to do today while i’m at the shop :-
Prep for  the Nottingham Castle resin brooches for the  new Heritage Collection that is being launched in April at Nottingham Castle Gallery Shop.

Plus I’m attending a Retail workshop with Clare Rayner, its a Future Factory event @ NTU, this is my second workshop with Clare and really looking forward to it. I got a lot out of the first one so want to do some prep for this one too.

Thank you to Debbie for giving us an insight into a creative 2 weeks! You can read more about Debbie and Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop at
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