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Guest Blog – March 22nd


I’d like to say that today I’ll be working on the things that matter most to me, but as I type this I’m currently playing the office temp card which is necessary at the moment if I want to pay my rent.  I could use this as an opportunity to bemoan about co-workers (one of which recently mentioned, totally irony free I might add, that she didn’t like mixing with the ‘oi-polloi’), but it wouldn’t make much interesting reading.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day trying to find somewhere in town to scan a colour illustration in for a commission from ‘Square Meal’ magazine.  The dimensions meant my A4 scanner wasn’t of a sufficient size to do the job, so I decided to seek out a local printers in Mapperley to see if they’d do it for me.  Little did I know that at 9am I’d still be wandering around town at 3pm trying to find somewhere to do a decent job of it.  Four different print shops later I would eventually find success at ‘John E. Wright’ printers, who seemed to at least know what I was after.  Apparently communication isn’t exactly an asset of mine, because no matter how many times I tried to explain to a chap in one place, he seemed convinced that I’d be able to touch up the lousy scan he’d done on photoshop, despite the scan completely ‘bleaching’ the colours to oblivion.  I eventually caved, gave him the benefit of the doubt and when paying for the scan, he gave me change for £10 when I’d given him £5.  I walked off but it wasn’t long before my conscience got the better of me and I returned the money shortly afterwards.  God dammit!

In the evening I put a few final touches on the illo and sent the file off to the magazine’s art director.  I had originally planned to work on some pieces for an upcoming exhibition, but the day had completely worn me out so I decided to do very little instead.  I spent the rest of the night cleaning my office, talking a walk with Neurosis in my headphones, making coffee, watching Fantastic Mr. Fox and frying up some smoked tofu with tomato & basil sauce, rice and asparagus.  Chomp.