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Guest Blog – Wednesday 23rd March.


Wednesday 23rd March

 Band practice last night, we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on songs for an LP and split 7” due to be released in time for our European tour this summer.  We were mostly arranging the final song which we managed to clock in at around 10 minutes or so.  It’s painfully slow and there’s more than one occasion where I’m grateful for my industrial strength earplugs – piercing distorted bass feedback is like knives for the eardrums.  If I was more organised, I’d have posted a video from last night, like I’d planned.  Harry, our bassist, is studying photography and had brought a zine which was part of his exhibition a couple of weeks ago.  It’s title is ‘I am not a man, I never will be’ and is well worth the £2 he’s asking for it should anyone want one.

 Today I will be mostly…

 – Making more progress with Rum Lad #5.  I’m around 33 pages in on a 40 page project.  I had 600 copies of the last issue printed and I’ve since had to Xerox a few more of my own, so with that in mind I think I’ll look into getting more done in a bulk load which will save me money and time in the long run.

 – Drawing another portrait for the exhibition due to be unveiled soon, tentatively named ‘Stories’.

 – Hopefully managing to catch my friends, Derek and Alex on Skype. They’re currently on a 2 day train ride from Portland, OR to Chicago for the zine fest, it looks a lot of fun and they’re planning on documenting it on their ‘Nobody cares about your stupid zine’ podcast –

 – Spreading the news about this upcoming all dayer at the Sumac centre in April…